Dermablading how to?

Looking to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells on your face? Not a fan of traditional methods like waxing or shaving that can leave you with razor burn, ingrown hairs and irritation – not cute! So why not try the next best thing-dermablading?

Dermablading (also known as dermaplaning) is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment where an esthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently remove layers of dead skin cells and facial hair. This leaves your face looking radiant, smooth and glowing in just one session!

But how do you go about getting this done? Don’t worry we’ve got all the details for you covered.

Prepping Your Skin For Dermablading

Before getting your dermablade on, there are some things that need attending to first:
– Go au natural – it’s important NOT to wear makeup before or after the procedure as this could irritate your skin.
– Take it easy on skincare products containing active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid etc., 48 hours prior to dermblading appointment because these can cause sensitivity post-treatment.
– Ensure any self-tanning products are removed from the face & neck area at least 24 hours prior because otherwise it may interfere with results.

And if you have acne prone skin then still book up but definitely give our upcoming section a read!

Benefits Of Dermblading

  1. Bye Bye Dead Skin Cells: Say adios to all those layers of built-up dead skin cells which make us look dull over time.
  2. Baby Soft Skin: After having dermaplaning performed once or twice per month from maintenance purposes,you would notice smoother texture each time
  3. Better Product absorption by The Epidermis Post-Treatment: As pesky dry patches will no longer stand in your way, You can layer products as you see fit – this allows makeup to sit on a smooth surface.
  4. Peach Fuzz Begone: While it’s not for removing thick facial hair (beard territory), dermablading is amazing for those pesky blonde peach fuzzes that we all have somewhere
  5. Radiance All Around: Uneven skin texture caused by sun damage or aging smoooooths out like magic
  6. Contrary To Popular Belief It’s Not Just For Ladies: With the rise of tiktok & self-care movement recently happening with straight guys around the world wanting perfect selfies and no shaving irritating their beautiful faces-dermaplaning has grown across gender lines.

The Procedure

  1. Cleansed Skin Surface Is Required:
    You’ll come in sans makeup so it assists us estheticians if there is no other dirt or debris build-up on your face.It means fewer layers to go through during treatment & easier glide along the skin when using scalpel.
    2.Ensure Skin Is Dry Without Moisturizer Applied:Estheticians need dry bare clean skin instead of a slipper-y wet mess which will cause slip-ups
    3.Esthetician starts at Center Of Forehead Moving Outwards Towards Hairline then Employing Short Strokes In Upward Direction:
    While ensuring pressure remains gentle she will use these short strokes to scrape off dead cells and hairs until one whole pass is done over the entire face.(Sounds relaxing huh?).Don’t worry she knows exactly where not to go.
    4.Post-Treatment Care Includes An SPF 30+ Sunscreen Application(Huge)!
    This helps protect from damaging rays,& remember- your skin may be a little sensitive-so the sun will not make it happier.

Risks Of Dermablading

Although generally considered safe and beneficial, there are still some risks:
1. Scarring – if done incorrectly or by an inexperienced esthetician, you could end up with scars on the face which nobody wants! Make sure to find a reputable provider.
2. Infection-Be aware clean tools are mandatory for dermabrasion.Keep in mind occasional clients may suffer rare infections caused by unclean surfaces elsewhere so please ensure proper hygiene practices before getting into our office space.
3. Unsuitable For Irritation Prone Skin: As we mentioned earlier,dry patches & overall lack of tolerance toward post-treatment irritation often accompanies misuse of certain products/ingradients; similarly those same folks should not undergo this treatment however it would be better discussed on appointment consultations for deeper personalization.

Post-Treatment Care

After enjoying the fruits of your laboruiously treated dermis,follow these guidelines:
– Keep away from acidic/topical agents for 24 hours as all types of exfoliation miiiight trigger reaction (scary!),but trust when I say staying outta thick humid spaces is advisable.Plus after-step sunscreen application cannot hurt anyhow.
– If you feel tempted to use any sort of tweezers because you spot unwanted hair growth-resist:hair removal techniques like waxing,sugaring & threading can displace new cells from epidermis surface leading towards delayed future regeneration.Yikes!
-Try avoiding water contact directly onto facial area right after procedure(unless H20moisturizer rife!).6hrs sounds about-right but don’t hold me accountable strictly okay? 😉

For Overall recommendations follow basic skincare routine incorporating gentle massaging movements that assist absorption.Include facial oils featuring omegas,vitamin C serums glycolic masks to balance osmotic pressure & retain dermal hyaluronic moisturizers (tldr;stick to quality products that contain nourishing ingredients).
## Frequently Asked Dermablading Questions

Can I do it myself at home?

We would never recommend taking sharp objects so close to your own face,so book with a trusted professional.

Does It Hurt?

Absolutely not – in fact most patients say they find the sensation of dermblading quite relaxing!

How long does the procedure take?

The whole process takes about 30 minutes depending on how much work is involved(Fairly quick huh?)


For womankind or mankind searching for smoother, softer skin that photgraphs well,and perfectly complements makeup application without horrifying ingrown hair growing issues Dermaging-how-to something which might bring out glow radiance other methods cannot deliver. Those interested can easily dive into this mode soon after properly consulting and understanding all options varying according to individual’s personal circumstances!