Decoding the Secrets: How Do Narcissists Stay Married?

Are you constantly amazed at how narcissistic individuals are able to maintain their marriages, despite their grandiose and egotistical tendencies? You’re not alone. Many experts have also been baffled by this phenomenon. However, after extensive research, I may have finally unlocked the secret code behind these couples’ relationship longevity.

The Traits of a Narcissist

Step one in understanding why narcissists remain married: it’s essential to recognize what defines a genuine narcissist.

Narcissists possess several characteristic traits that make them stand out from your average person. Some of these characteristics include:

  • An overwhelming sense of self-importance
  • A deep need for admiration and constant attention
  • Lack of empathy towards others
  • Belief in their superiority over others
  • Entitlement
  • Takes advantage of others to achieve personal goals

These traits all contribute heavily to a partner’s duty when wedded to a narcissist.

Why Marry A Narcissist?

If we know they tick all boxes on the red flag checklist, then why do people sign up for marriage with a full-blown ego-maniac ()? In most cases, it is due to assertive qualities like charm and confidence that tend to draw partners into relationships with such personalities (). Their representation can be deceiving because they often come off as confident beings who exude success without being arrogant or vain. Spouses will be drawn into these folks before realizing too late; the character-type is beneath his circus robe ().

Understanding The Motivation For Their Marriage

Now let us dive deeper into what keeps people stuck (happily or otherwise) within a home populated by an individual defined as having sinister tendencies – welcome aboard!

While lovers enter matrimony spellbound with charisma overflowing (sub-head 1),^1, what convinces them to tie knots and stay happily stuck despite all the flaws? Several motivations drive our deluded couples, including financial security (sub-head 2). Narcissists have a well-known need for superiority and material goods in their lives – that’s why they often dwell on being wealthy or even becoming powerful politicians(^2). With marriage arrangements comes emotional blackmail from your better half whose arsenal includes threats of running away with the bank account held jointly.

Additionally, commitment issues lead to co-dependency between partners currently romantically involved. Since excitement follows unpredictability in most narcissistic romantic relationships, having someone by their side becomes an anchor away from tumultuous waters towards bouts of calmness (sub-head 3).(^3) Thus people looking for stability fall prey into remaining intimately loveless but tethered.

Strategies That Keep Them Together

It is clear now what makes someone married to a deflated person – needs ranging from elevated lifestyle propensity to co-dependence play crucial roles in affecting one’s choices when interpreting behavior modifications. Here are five strategies I found helps this unusual unit maintain partnership stability:

Understanding Their Narcissism

The first tactic deployed by spouses married to narcissists is acceptance (or maybe looking past it) ^4 of who they really are at heart (an entitled self-centered human who doesn’t plan on changing any time soon).

This strategy involves embracing and recognizing the associated negative behavioral patterns seen with living alongside such personalities round-the-clock; knowing fully well none can change anything about it ( sub-heading A) This technique serves as effective damage control as you can now predict mood changes while steeling yourself against resentment occurring during marital communication (^5).

Compromise And Accommodation

When narcissism overshadows reality checks, problem-solving becomes impossible within these partnerships. One marries them aware power-grabs will constantly happen whether required or not eliminating thoughts of compromising except for wearing some shoes already owned by your narcissistic spouse (^6). Hence, accommodating is necessary if you hope to maintain harmony. Don’t always go for the goddamned argument – just have a cold shower and move on (sub-heading B).

Avoiding Negative Triggers

Narcissists tend to attribute blame easily(Funny ey?) 5. As such, avoiding topics known to cause severe emotional distress becomes vital in keeping peace within marriages involving them ( sub-heading C) .

People who married these egocentric individuals should perform routine exercises consisting of understanding what triggers their battery-powered likeness as it could be caused even by floating ma-like neighbors outside headed straight away from the garbage bin will elicit stern bellowing about forgetting where our home is(^7).

Now that you’ve grown accustomed to this new lifestyle following such rules will help create sweet memories while ignoring outbursts; or creating prompts solely used when sharing jokes – But please keep off sarcastic comments unless they’re really good.

Setting Firm Boundaries

“Oh please get off my back.” How often we mutter gone unheard over time living with a spineless partner (Funny line, right? Check!) So treating your discomfort with respect and dignity sets boundaries acting as deterrents towards further breeches of conduct like seeking physical intimacy without consent (Gross!)^(8)

## Pampering Their Ego’s And Providing Adoration

Step five involves fulfilling one’s duty concerning an area no other marriage compromise would dare think essential: ego-pampering. Showering gifts accompany flattering words and attention become crucial lifelines tethered spouses must use in keeping issues of self-esteem hovering above acceptable levels needed for minimum daily interdependence (sub-head E)^4.


As reality emerges after sleeping eyes open wide knowing someone has tied their wagon beside a diluted human, some type misinterpreted behavior can make things delicate over time, and when such people are your partners, one wonders how these marriages last. We’ve looked at the issue from the importance of material goods to spark-filled unpredictability as reasons for committed co-dependence amongst them – aka Narcissists.

Finally, five strategies were suggested that can help a spouse survive; they include Acceptance/Ignoring their most undiluted peculiarities. Yes,compromising (argue less), avoiding any trigger even if it includes floating neighbors running away from our dumpsters(shocking) setting reasonable (and soft-spoken) boundaries while pampering their oversized egos within acceptable limits needed by humanity’s most self-seeking individuals.

That being said,^9, always remember the nuances of managing relationships involving couples who have embraced ethnocentrism with open arms will be an ongoing task but rest assured whatever those complications try messing up together: “A Pyrrhic victory is still better than no victory at all.”

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