Decluttering Desire: Why I Want to Get Rid of Everything

Around this time of year, everyone starts talking about Spring Cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new! But let’s be real for a minute here – how many people actually follow through on that promise? How often do you hold up an old t-shirt or pair of shoes and think “I really shouldn’t keep this…” only to shove it back into your closet?

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m not like most people. This year, my decluttering desire has reached peak levels and I am ready to purge everything! From clothes to books to sentimental items – nothing is safe from my wrath.

The Starting Point

Before diving deep into why getting rid of things feels so good, it’s important we start at the root cause: clutter. Clutter builds up over time as we accumulate more and more items without considering whether they are truly necessary or bring us joy.

This build-up makes everything harder; harder to clean our homes, harder to find what we need when we need it (seriously, where did all those matching socks go?), and even harder for our minds achieve clarity.

For years now,I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by just having too much stuff around me. So finally decided- enough is enough!

Simplifying My Life

One major reason why decluttering is so rewarding (and worth sharing!) is its ability — aid in simplifying life overall.

Simplicity can manifest itself differently depending on our unique circumstances: financial freedom, better focus on goals & priorities or less stress during day-to-day activities- which leads me straight at decluttering as a solution.

Messy Home Messy Mind?

I feel like every minimalist blogger uses this line BUT honestly there’s some truth behind it(you got me).

As soon as you reduce out physical clutter, some of that mental clutter actually can be reduced.

A clear and organized space at home leads to a clearer mind with thoughts focused on positivity. If my room is not clean I feel like this jumbled mess in my head cannot focus on anything properly!

Financial Freedom

Let’s face it – accumulating things often means spending money. Lots of money.

By decluttering and taking time to only keep what you really need or truly enjoy using, there are huge financial benefits! And why treat yourself when it really brings happiness?

In the recent past, whenever online shopping apps notified me about their discounts- i always used grab them before they were out of stock.But’s all changed!

Learning Gratitude & Contentment

As I started letting go of stuff one by one,i found a new sense towards being more thankful for the things i still owned instead.I equally felt grateful for everything big and small.Now a simple routine doesn’t bring boredom anymore!

However,it’s important to realize this does carry both its good bad points(!):-

Example:That “I might need it someday” anxiety might creep in but luckily there are more efficient ways to tackle those pangs😜.

Decluttering has had such an incredible impact on how I view material possessions in general. It forces us to take a step back from our consumption-oriented lifestyles-and above all our needs.

Only The Essentials

There’s something so satisfying about keeping only what is essential.Especially if you’re someone who likes minimalism!

I no longer desire furniture pieces that serve no purpose other than sitting in the corner somewhere collecting dust or buying dresses just because they’re pretty (guilty as charged)

Less Is More

The classic saying “less is more” couldn’t be truer! For me,this has been highlighted more when looking through pictures which shed light on childhood memories where we hardly had anything but enjoyed every bit of it.

Nowadays, our lives seem to have lost touch with the idea that owning more “stuff” will not guarantee happiness nor joy. While decluttering may be a small step towards regaining these once-lost ideals, I believe the impact is profound.

A Mindful Lifestyle

Decluttering and minimalism go hand-in-hand with mindfulness lifestyle choices.

By forcing ourselves to consider which items really hold value or mean something – this inculcates mindful habits!

Why?? This happens precisely because once you are aware enough about what sparks joy for you-comes gratefulness over indulging in consumerist behaviour.

The amount of content available online can sometimes feel overwhelming! There’s so many different routes bloggers and professional organizers might take & honestly all sound great!

However, after spending hours pouring through information on minimizing your belongings, I came up some pointers that worked best for me:

Start With The Basics

I started at my most clutter filled area(room,closet etc)or anybody who’s just beginning,-start by dealing with areas that are causing them stress already!

Sometimes just taking 10 minutes every morning going thru mails,paying bills can make one’s life less annoying too!

Keep Only What Sparks Joy.

This seems like Marie Kondo’s advice but actually works better than you’d think(yes,I’ve tried it before).

For clothes,having color coded sections helped- also helps when i want to match certain clothes easily😆.

Storing unwanted/stuff no longer used? Nope. Instead I now only own things i utilize well.Done are those days where long forgotten gifts gather dusts lol

Add Necessities Slowly

Okay-there comes a point however-despite having downsized quite substantially-you realize there are still things missing from living a viable life.

That’s when it’s important to add back the essentials.

But this time around,be much more careful and precise.What’s actually needed?For instance plastic containers for storage items,toothpaste,maybe a few tupperware bowls-but no more

Don’t Hold On “Just In Case”

The phrase “just in case” is likely amongst what’s stopping us- most of the times.

Getting rid of that dress you’ve worn only once or twice just in case an occasion pops up again? This habit maybe costing way higher than we realise so decluttering useless stuff can really open better doors

Final Thoughts

I know my journey towards decluttering is far from over but seeing positive changes are enough motivations to keep going!

A simpler lifestyle sounds almost too simple – but if done right helps breeds happiness😊.It might take more than one weekend,simple reduction has unbelievably astounding benefits.

Give it a try — you may be surprised how easy it feels (and how happy you become) by letting go of those things weighing down our heart energy💛

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