Deciding on Nashville: Should I Move?

Are you considering moving to Nashville but not sure if it’s the right decision? As someone who has lived in Music City for five years, let me give you some insight into what life is like here. From its vibrant music scene and delicious hot chicken to its humid weather and unique Southern charm, there’s a lot to weigh when deciding whether or not to make this city your new home.

The Good

Let’s start with the positive aspects of living in Nashville.

The Music Scene

Nashville isn’t called Music City for nothing! If you’re a fan of country music or any genre really, Nashville is an incredible place to be. You’ll find live music every night of the week somewhere in town. Whether it’s at historic venues like the Ryman Auditorium or brand-new bars on Broadway, there are endless opportunities to discover new artists and dance the night away.

Foodie Paradise

If you love food/n’fun then head over straight up west toward 12South where food & drinks spots align themselves!

Another great aspect about #Nashvegas is its incredible dining scene – specifically hot chicken. Trust us; Nashvillians can’t get enough heat! This spicy fried chicken dish originated in our city, so naturally, we’ve got some of the best places around that serve it up right (I’m looking at you Hattie B’s!). We also have tons of other fantastic restaurants that feature southern cuisine and international dishes – from barbecue joints and meat-and-threes (cafeteria-style eateries)to vegan hotspot Graze just off Eastland Ave., they have kept everything professionally neat!

Growing Job Market

Looking for a career change? Look no further than nash-vegas… Okay fine even though they say don’t use these phrasing methods once again, no harm in kidding around once in a while! Back to the topic, Nashville’s job market is on the rise big time. With major corporations like Amazon and SmileDirectClub moving operations here and tons of healthcare companies already established within the city, there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. Plus, no state income tax means you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash.


Lucky for us Tennesseans, we’re just a day trip away from so many other amazing cities it’s almost ridiculous! Memphis (Home Of BBQ), Louisville #(Hometownof The GOAT:@KingJames 🙂 ) , Asheville….and beyond are all within driving distance so always an idea as well

And let’s not forget that living in Nashville puts you smack dab in the middle of Tennessee – making it easy to explore both East & South TN with ease around our beautiful home states. From hiking trails and waterfalls to scenic drives through small towns, there’s always something new to discover within hours’ drive!

The Not-So-Good

While Nashville has plenty going for it; There certainly won’t be every excuse under sun or will… We’ve got some cons too that must be weighed up against them


Let’s start with one thing everyone can agree upon-that Southern heat! Summers get hot and humid here which is quite annoying at times but its bearable according to locals who tend tone downplay things they don’t think outsiders would manage well…


Take this point seriously… Trust me: I’m saving you the headaches right now – traffic here does really blow sometimes compared with other places less packed such as Chattanooga..Real-time calculated GPS routes don’t help much either because everyone else has access “shortcuts” advice!

Hype Prices

As Nashville continues growing ($$$), prices keep on increasing by every second – meaning rent isn’t cheap; and let’s not forget about the tourist trap prices downtown. It’s nice for when people outside spot you and give a wow but for locals & Newbies who come here with no clue, sometimes it can be tough to deal with at first.


In conclusion, Nashville has its fair share of pros and cons as does any other city! So ask yourself what matters most- good food? Live music scene? Fast growing career market? At the end of day; Do your research on the neighborhoods/suburbs within Nashville that suits your lifestyle preference best – some areas are quite calm while others more lively… Weigh up all options then make an informed decision based on facts. Regardless if whether or not you pick Nashville as a new home addition there is always great world out there waiting to offer fresh adventures!

Sayonara folks 😉

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