Decade of Dreamy Lyrics: 10 Years Beautiful

Do you ever find yourself lost in a song’s lyrics? That feeling when the words perfectly capture your emotions, thoughts and experiences. The past decade has been truly magical for music lovers as artists have created dreamy lyrics that give us escape from our mundane realities. In this article, we’ll take a look back at the last ten years of beautiful lyrics.

2010-2011: A New Era of Music Begins

The start of the decade saw many talented artists dominating airwaves with their chart-topping songs. Musicians brought fresh sounds and creative metaphors to the scene with each emerging artist bringing an entirely new voice forward. Ed Sheeran released his first album ‘+’, which told stories about love and life through impactful ballads like ‘Lego House’. Bruno Mars’ sweet lyrics melted hearts across the world on ‘Just The Way You Are’. Pop legend Katy Perry challenged relationship stereotypes in her hit single ‘Firework’.

This period marked an era where love was celebrated by capturing it beautifully within songs that touched millions around the world.

2012-2013: Songs About Change & Freedom Reign Supreme

As we moved towards 2012, singers began experimenting with different genres whilst maintaining deep emotional connections through unique wordplay. Many musicians followed up successful releases from their earlier albums; Favourite band Fun’s second record Some Nights contained anthemic indie-pop bangers such as “Some Nights” but also spoke volumes lyrically in cuts like “Carry On”. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis made social commentary fashionable with singles including “Same Love”. Amongst others, Lorde revolutionized pop music completely with her debut studio album Pure Heroine -which spawned iconic tunes respectively titled “Royals” or “Tennis Court”.

These two years gave way to dreams being encapsulated into tangible sentimentality by enthralling artists which left fans waiting eagerly for more of their amazing musical emotions.

2014-2015: Love & Melancholy Blend Beautifully

Many fans both old and new saw an increase in intricate lyrics that had partial roots from blues, soul and jazz seamlessly blended with contemporary hits that regularly charted globally. Sam Smith shared his personal heartbreak with the world via ‘Stay With Me’. Lyrical genius Lana Del Rey brought uncertainty to life on Ultraviolence’s standout track ‘West Coast’. The world also mourned civil rights activist Nelson Mandela alongside bandmates U2 paying tribute through “Ordinary Love”. Taylor Swift surprised her following by shifting her sound profoundly after having made waves throughout Country music earlier on; “Bad Blood” and ”Shake it Off” being some of these feel-good mainstream tunes.

The languages used here touched hearts far stretches beyond mere entertainment as messages were conveyed subtly through a cohesive blend of genres plus eloquent lyricism.

2016-2017: Dreamy Rap Saves Hip Hop

Hip Hop’s fresh influences mixed was concocted by upcoming or underground rappers which bring us back to urban culture, but still combine with tender pop ballads experienced within this season, seemingly everywhere you turned . Chance the Rapper cemented his place amongst rap royalty whilst painting vivid scenes about inner city life through anthems such as “No Problem”. Canadian sensation Drake has become one oft he most successful artists worldwide, creating positively hypnotic rhythms filled into the catchy hooks woven into songs like ”One Dance” from ’Views’.

Kendrick Lamar released one the most innovative hip hop albums ever titled ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ where funk influenced basslines meld together beautifully underneath hardcore raps dealing issues related to Our planet and black community stateside including California burn/vanishing habitats devastating air pollution effects.

These tracks truly deserved those kudos they received in their corresponding years.

This phase saw the art of Storytelling reaching its peak as artists intertwined morals with sentimental rap that carried important messages whilst still being easy to listen to by all. It’s only commendable that innovation was let loose and it crossed boundries — Satisfying crowds from Rap gurus, Pop enthusiasts plus casual listeners alike!

2018-2019: Vocals Take Centre Stage

New technologies enabled producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson in collaboration with gifted vocalist Miley Cyrus craft one of the most inspiring combo projects ever heard. Their track “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”’ depicts an array obstacles felt during any typical tough relationship portrayed true-to-life throughout vivid beautiful melancholy.

America’s vast talents coming together on Ariana Grande’s unfathomable popular album ‘Sweetener’, which featured hits like “God is a woman”. Also talented music group Lady Antebellum kept things classic yet innovative through new ballads combining fresh sounds brought about largely via drum programming techniques never used priorly within such contexts especially at their live performances.

As we reach towards modern times, lyrics spoke raw emotions outright without any heavy instumentation overpowering them so the soothing vocals paired against light melodies provided unique standout moments acclaimed by all since they communicated thoughts effectively within each composition.

2020-PRESENT: Hope Amidst Chaos and Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic caused worldwide changes seeing many musicians cancelling tours + shows; However amidst these challenging times, creative output continued ;In fact here lies some evidence proving musical entertainment meant more than now than ever before!

Billie Eilish addressed her darkest thoughts head-on through When We All Fall Asleep’s emotionally charged tracks like ‘Everything I Wanted’. Dua Lipa created disco-inspired songs for socially-distanced dance parties with Future Nostalgia standouts including “Don’t Start Now”. Also MGK showcased his Pop-Punk inclinations anew, following earlier experimentation through rap and trap back in 2019.

In conclusion this decade clocked out, ending on high note full of emotional unreleased stories, music for the masses brought about primarily by vocals dubbed over minimalistic instrumentals. And now, as we enter newer realms sonically it’s intriguing to wonder aloud what profound poetry may be next!

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