Dear love: An open letter to my boyfriend

Introducing the Unsung Hero in My Life

I know you have heard this numerous times, but my sincere words slip out from a full heart nonetheless. You are special to me, and it’s not because of your charm or good looks (although I dare say that has its perks). You have been an essential part of my life for a while now —a confidant, a partner-in-crime, and just someone who makes life all the more interesting like no one else.

Sincerity Alert: This message is genuine; even though sometimes we argue over who gets to wear the red socks on laundry day.

Our Journey Thus Far: Whirlwind Romance or Tempestuous Rollercoaster?

Relationships can be stormy spirals at times. But as always with us- Oh well! Sometimes it feels like every molecule in our bodies connects flawlessly together, making up for any patches that might need filling up. Other days consist of unpredictable cackles over corny jokes accompanied by non-stop laughter sessions that make tears run down our faces.

How far we’ve come- All those days spent binge-watching sci-fi shows reimagining possible Apocalyptic Scenarios, The late Saturday date nights trying cuisine from different parts of Europe aided with equally fancy glasses filled with wine -I’d do it all again in a heartbeat(Except compromising on pizza toppings).

My Love For Quirky Actions That Turn Me On 😉

Confession time- There are moments when you act odd/totally weird (not complaining though) which inevitably increases your hotness quotient by tenfold points than usual(note to self: must go shopping for fireman costume).

Your quirkiness made this extra-stressful year bearable—Thanks for being there through these unprecedented times where online dating may seem like an excellent idea but learn if I learned anything, it’s that breaking the ice with 25 different people over zoom is annoying and highlights how much humans need meaningful connections in their lives.

Thank you for Enduring My ‘Planning Obsession’

I admit it; I can get a little obsessive when it comes to planning. But hear me out- With your help and support, we managed to pull off three action-packed week-long trips last year (of course COVID-proof) without getting lost or experiencing too many mishaps along the road.

From pouring hours into researching countless travel blogs, making pre-flight checklists on excel sheets (cue nerd alert) to finally actually frisking through security checks at midnight- You have never once voiced complaints about my over-the-top-planning syndrome. Instead of teasing comments like,’ Planning yet another vacation?’, it’s always been -‘Great idea!’.

Sincerity Alert: Just between us- Sorry not sorry I dragged/forced/secretly bribed you into all those random adventures-

Location Best Part
Bali Scuba diving followed by leisure walks
Maldives Snorkeling under beautiful reefs
Leh Ladakh The Bike ride till Khardung la Pass

Thanks for being there for all these moments!

Future Plans > Horoscope Predictions

You know what makes our relationship so special? Our Future plans Together!! Without noticing time fly-by, we’ve already spent memorable days together discussing plotting crazy bucket-list items which include trekking amidst snow-capped mountains while enjoying hot chocolate at freezing temperatures(Yes I am practical sometimes).

As much as reality sucks sometimes (note: existential crisis anyone???), It does feel good knowing come rain or shine, blue skies or storms ahead — We will both tackle them together.

Note: Maybe slightly inspired from watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy during days when phone notifications can just disappear.

Appreciation for the Little Things- No Clichés Included

Most people go through their lives complaining about not having enough “grand gestures” to swoon over. But why is it that little things don’t get counted?

Things like the way you listen patiently (even my endless rants), Text me memes about funny cat videos, Cook dinner on weeknights as I tend to snuggle/hog your watch episodes of Friends(the ones where Monica wears a turkey hat)- Don’t think all these little things went unnoticed in this eternal memory box I carry around with me everywhere!!

Sincerity Alert: Just between us: Also, thank you for putting up with my singing skills- which are terrible and only improving (Jk).

Conclusion: A Lifetime Of Adventures Ahead

Finally, as I draw this letter to a close (Ahem! Thank You). Let’s skip predictabilities like forever cliches ridden promises because life is chaotic but amazing!

Yup, we have had ups and downs throughout our journey together so far; we’ve seen weirdness at its finest on either end of the spectrum. Still looking forward to any other whirlwind adventures that will come our way-

So here’s hoping cheesy couples’ Halloween costumes(Gomez & Morticia Addams or Mario & Princess Peach) await us along with cooking experiments—Amidst countless movie marathons filled up with Butter-popcorns(not caramelized)just saying.

P.S. Love You To The Moon And Back – Or In Dagobah Units – Which We Came Up With That One Depicts Our Quirky Sense Of Humor 😉

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