Daughter’s eternal grudge against Mom

As a young girl, I always thought of my mom as the epitome of everything good in the world. She was kind, patient and loving – basically every positive adjective you could think about rolled into one human being.

But then, that changed when I hit 13. It’s like everyone had warned me for years beforehand — that somewhere during puberty or adolescence stage, everything will go haywire between parents and children.

And it did! Now, if rolling eyes were an Olympic sport, I would have more medals than Michael Phelps.

Mom’s Rules Were Absolute Law

Growing up with my mom meant adhering to her many rules at all times – there were no exceptions to them except maybe when she was in a pleasant mood–– which wasn’t often enough.

For example:

  • No food after bedtime
  • No company on school nights
  • You better forget summer outings until homework is done.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily

I’ve always wondered whether other families operated liked this or mine is just special? Is this what they refer to as a “typical African parent”?

Regardless at age eighteen while transitioning from secondary school education to university studies it felt overwhelming having someone else manage our lives blindly.’ When was enough ever going to be actually enough’?,this sudden overbearing sense of control overwhelmed my senses daily.

Her Love Had Gone MIA💔

I can’t remember exactly how and when things turned sour between us but gradually so subtlety mum became less fun around me; our bond weakened with every passing day–an irony even if we soon-to-be adults claimed we knew it: We still needed guidance and who really knows what stumbling blocks may come with each next life decision?. Now She gave orders instead of suggestions♦️and love became conditional rather than unconditional❤️she’d giver her unsolicited bits of advice or offer vexatious scoldings, which only worsens my resentment toward her.

Parental Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds 🙄👼

Oh well, this is one I can never understand – the hypocrisy of parents!

One minute they demand you to be perfect and the next they criticize everything you do without ever offering any solutions or alternatives.

But let’s not forget how easily they boast around their other friends’ kids while conveniently ignoring your own achievements. I will call it ‘Selective parenting’. Now don’t get me wrong–all good parents have expectations for their children but rarely are those provisions reasonable enough as we moms usually prefer walking on tightropes of unrealistic expectations whether ambiguous or baseless most times.

Mom Was Always Protective😭

Mom’s overly protective attitude was a hard target action for the younger version of myself. It meant that no party, sleepover helped ease tension with classmates who seemed shallow just because all outings required prior scrutinisation: Where you were gojng to? How many people will be there?, Will an Adult in charge?- it cuts so deep when she shows up unannounced (not that she had time), trying to act cool but only ending up embarrassing us both⁉️

She Was Unapologetically Emotional 😤❌

Basically every mother puts on display the same tendencies when lecturing; talking down to child fashioning themselves into self-righteous conveyors of harsh revelations—strengthened by some sort of spiritual upbringing as though sanctity equals absolute power over reasoned recall — even after forgiveness has already been displayed not forgetting confusing emotions for being held accountable💔

# Moms Can Be Quite The Drama Queen Too🥴

Mothers might deny having emotional reactions however slight though evidences prove otherwise-Queens at vocal dramatic melancholy✌️! Trust me we teens are always mentally braced for drama once mom is around!!


In conclusion, a lot of the things daughters hold against their mothers are often beyond petty. but,given that life’s moments especially those which come as milestones never pause to take permission–we constantly seek guidance from those who brought us into being even if we sometimes get annoyed or bogged down by meddling.

🛑To all teen girls out there feeling frustrated with mommy dearest try out these tricks:

  • Vent Go ahead!
  • Be Honest With Yourself: Ask yourself what part you’re playing too!
  • Find a trusted therapist
    -‘Janeenays’ (My made-up word meaning journal written in your name )

Trust me, peace at home will eventually happen; just hold on long enough!💪🏿