Curve Your Way: How to Get Hips in a Week!

Do you often find yourself scrolling through Instagram, wondering how those curvy women have such beautiful hips? Are you tired of feeling like a straight plank with no curves to show off? Well, look no further! In this article, we will break down the secrets of getting those beautiful hips that everyone is talking about.

Understanding Hip Anatomy

Before diving into the methods of achieving perfect curves in just one week, it’s essential to understand our anatomy. Our hip bone consists of the ilium (upper part), ischium (lower and back part), and pubis (front). The pink muscle attaching from iliac crest towards femur bone forms Gluteus Medius. It generates outward movement against gravity and stabilizes upper body weight transfer limb-to-limb when performing activities.

Let’s Talk About Fat!

Yes – You heard it right! Having curvy hips means having enough fat around your hip bones. Your pelvis acts as an anchor point for your muscles – adding on a healthy amount of fat helps accentuate your natural curve. However; make sure not to confuse healthy with excessive gluttony – that won’t be doing you any favors.

Picking Out Right Fats.

It’s vital healthwise as well as beauty wise too which primarily depends upon selecting the appropriate types of fats based on unsaturation levels:
– Monounsaturated fats: They are liquid at room temperature excluding avocado oil & extra virgin olive oil used excessively in western cuisine because they resist oxidation i.e., lasting benefits than other oils.
– Polyunsaturated Fats: This Subgroup includes Omega3 fatty acids commonly found in fish nuts extracted by plant sources while Omega6s obtained from vegetable oils causing increased inflammation if consumed more than less omega 3s content diet.
– Saturated Fatty Acids should limit their consumption and prefer a change to more healthy types.

Strengthening Your Hips

Now that we have covered the basics let’s move on to strengthening those hips!
There are specific exercises targeting your glutes, hip flexors, and lower back that can strengthen muscles around pelvic bone enhance lean mass development in Abs & obliques giving curvier shaped appearance. Let’s just admit – sometimes they’re certainly not the most fun activities… but trust us when we say it will all be worth it.

Glute Bridges

Targets- Mainly Buttocks (with Low backaches benefits due to improved posture)
1. Lie down with feet flat and hands beside you.
2. Then raise your body up until shoulder blades lifted from ground contracting buttock muscles.
3. After reaching halfway or forming a straight line b/w knees said point at 1 sec.move upward towards higher lift hold for comfortable stretch then lower yourself controlled manner down relax for same period as the going up takes brief pause and repeat (10 reps, 3 sets).

Hip Thrusts

Targets – Much More isolated Butt area workout than previous one by producing High Tension/Resistance between Hip tending fibers produces fasten growth between them
1.Main Part involves keeping support either bench/chair rested behind so torso rest/hand gripped firmly against front eddy about lying down being optional + Feet close fully planted on ground usually beneath knee joint placement
2.Creating an angle where Thigh-Lower Leg is perpendicular by lifting/partials until formation occurs mechanically requires much strong contraction(10-15second)hold this position before relaxation must last long enough of strenuous movement completely ignoring low intensity/pace slow frequency approach

Kettlebell Swings Workout:

Adding some fun variety into our strength routine with Kettlebell swings training which is based on explosive power development allows full-body involvement/action burning fat faster increasing endurance capacity also beneficial for shaping hips, back and leg muscles as well.
1. Standing upright with feet slightly wider gives firm solid grip handlebell by setting your hand together with the thumb wrapped around it from behind body position handed on front side add respective height above knees while squeezing hip/glutes tight
2.Your hips should shoot forward to propell kettlebells upward upon contraction simultaneously swings toward head level while keeping arm straight hence achieving similar skeletal results like squat.

Performing Cardio for Hips

Remember how we spoke about fat and how it adds onto our curves? Well – cardio can be a great way to kick start that process! Incorporating specific types of cardio can help promote fat loss around the hip area while aiding in overall weight loss.


Benefits are much more especially HIIT workouts strengthens Quads,Hams and glutes good calorie burning just moderate impact lower extremity joints recommended up hills few times + sprints endurance work take priority intensity per person’s cardiovascular health status dependent

StairMaster Workouts:

Intense Cardi workout based on stairway climbing reduces stubborn fats fast tones down quads/glute muscles mix strategies like reverse foot placement affects those areas also increases repetitiveness count over time till desired results come out as breaking sweat statement signifying burnouts during session does must-have cool down period/take helpful fluids intake via coconut water/electrolyte-rich recreational beverages too!

Maintaining Proper Nutrition for Hips.

The saying goes – you are what you eat, so it’s imperative that we pay attention to our diets if we aim to shape up. Certain foods have high-fat content known to improve libido including essential oils providing healthy estrogen required similarly but make sure not falling into unbalanced carbs quantity & missing protein Vitamins sources which potential damages metabolic rate ultimately reducing muscle mass gains & insulin resistance exposure which might pack further adipose tissues requirements necessary include:

  • Almonds/Walnuts
  • Flax/Sesame seeds.
  • Salmon/Mackerel
  • Olive/Coconut oil.

Damn, Patience is Key!

Here comes the most important thing we need to remember while going through this journey – Building a curvy body requires patience and dedication! There’s no magical formula for attaining your desired shape overnight; working towards it will go a long way in achieving what you want.

Summing Up:

Whatever strategy we pick up from incorporating exercises to modifying diets add some fun games as ingredients are equally good enough thus resulting in acceleration muscle development around hips ultimately contributing as curves giving structure with confidence expressed all out there so make sure committing towards target by of pure deeds ensuring desirable outcomes lasts lifetime.

And With that said…

We hope that this article helps give women who aspire and desire perfect curves know where & how they could start + enjoy having their newly discovered hips all thanks to sticking directly on mentioned tips surely improving aspect points positively over time alongside proper form & guidance attending together in venture succesful acquirement pivotal role played herein quite influential one leading dreams into reality!

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