Crushing Women Body Goals: Your Ultimate Guide

As a woman, it’s normal to have body goals. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or build muscle mass, achieving your desired physique requires dedication and hard work. In this ultimate guide, we will take a humorous approach as we embark on the journey of crushing women body goals together.

Let’s start with food

The truth is that no matter how often you go to the gym or hit the treadmill if your diet sucks; all efforts put in exercising would be vain winks. Eating healthily gives energy for working out and keeps our bodies functioning optimally.

Meal prep is not boring!

We understand – meal prepping can sound like torture! But hold on now…you know what’s “really” torturous? Standing in front of an open fridge trying to figure out what sounds good only to settle for something unhealthy because it’s easy (the audacity!)

Let’s make meal prepping hassle-free by keeping these tips at heart:

  • Pick An Ideal Day: It would be best if you choose a day where nothing major comes up so that you can focus entirely on preparing meals.
  • Convert Leftovers Into Lunch: Do not waste leftovers as they can come handy especially as lunch packs when going off days.
  • Themed Dinners Save Time And Money
  • Invest In Useful Tools:
    • Toaster Oven/Microwave Combo
    • Blender
    • Crock-Pot

Foods To Avoid At All Cost (How Bad Can They Be?)

Listen Up Ladies!! Before anything else-

Drum rollll…

Cut down consumption/stay away from junks such as:

  1. Sugar Sweetened Beverages
  2. Processed Snacks & Pastries
  3. Deep Fried Food
  4. Margarines/Butter Substitutes

When shopping, stick to fresh whole foods and make sure to get enough, proteins(lentils/nuts), carbohydrates(whole grains) & healthy fats(avocado).

It’s time for some workout!

Now that we’ve hacked food, it’s time to sweat out the toxins. But before getting down right into basics here are some unheard-of fitness terms – Let’s test if you know any:

  • DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training
  • WOD – Workout of the Day
    “That WOD was brutal!”
  • AMRAP – As Many Rounds as Possible
    “I managed 5 AMRAPs in under 20 minutes!”

How many did you know? We are crushing this already!!

Which Workouts to Opt For

When it comes to choosing the best style of fitness training for your body goals, look no further than your trusty friends Cardio And Strength workouts:


Cardio encompasses exercises that increase heart rate:

  1. Running
  2. Swimming
  3. Cycling

And so on…

Exercise In The Zone:
To reap full benefits from cardio work-outs dedicate at least three to four sessions a week between half-hour-hour intervals with the aim of increasing endurance.

Yoga(So Relaxing Or Maybe Not)

Don’t let its laid back vibe fool you; yoga is one powerful workout regimen! From stretches/poses like downward dog and tree pose it helps improve flexibility and balance while having fun too!

It may help ease stress by allowing folks concentrate on breathing which can reduce cortisol levels thereby balancing emotions.

Strength training

Strength Training involves working with weights or resistance bands (offering resistance against gravity) constantly building strength.

Here are few techniques (strength-building):

  1. Deadlifts With Dumbbells/Bands/Ropes.
    2.Last But Definitely Not Least Planks.(3 sets of 30-second intervals)

Once successfully at least three to four strength training sessions weekly, gradually increase exposure and time/amount until your muscles adjust to the routine.

Work Out Jams (Music Is Life)


Guess what?

Some people are high-key juiced listening to tracks such as “Rocky theme song”, some show their love for hip-hop by playing Lil Wayne’s ‘Gonorrhea'(Naw we don’t judge). Whatever rhythm you groove on doesn’t matter as long it takes off the stress from exercising.

Hire A Trainer

It may seem costly but booking sessions with a trainer – personal or virtual can motivate fitness goals. Trainers tailor programs specifically suited for your preferences whilst nudging individuals into correct form so that movements are correctly executed without injuries (ouch!).


Making progress towards body goals is never easy, but hard work does not have to be bland. Find joy in all these little steps together; they will lead you closer towards crushing women body goals – knocking out one goal after another!

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