Crush it, You Goal Girl: Reaching Your Dreams

Are you tired of feeling like a failure and not reaching your goals? Are you ready to crush it in life and become the ultimate goal girl? Well, buckle up because we are about to take a hilarious ride through the world of achieving our dreams.

The Importance Of Setting Goals

First things first, let’s talk about why setting goals is so crucial. Without clear objectives, we tend to meander aimlessly in life, never really getting anywhere. We all have aspirations that we want to achieve – big or small – whether it be starting your own business, saving for a vacation or even learning how to play an instrument.

Setting achievable and realistic goals provides clarity on what you want out of life while keeping those nagging self-doubts at bay. In fact, goal-setting has been shown to decrease stress levels and promote mental well-being by giving us something positive and tangible upon which we can focus our energies.

So let’s jump right into crushing those pesky goals once-and-for-all!

Get Specific With Your Goals

What’s worse than not having any goals at all? Vague ones!

“I want more money”… “I’d like a better job…” Sound familiar?

When people say these things they’re typically sharing their desire without much intention behind them.

Specificity breeds intentionality—where there’s specificity there’s accountability; where there no specificity there tends to follow excuse-making.”

If your language around your wishes comes across as too casual cut that sht out.

The bottom line is this; think deeper than surface desires when considering what it is you really crave.

Take Action Like A Boss

Great intentions are meaningless if action doesn’t turn those ideas into reality –like putting quarters in the wish pond fountain…

Once you’ve decided on SMART (specific measurable attainable relevant time-bound) objective(s), create two five “action items” that will help usher you there.

Stay Accountable

This part can be tricky as human beings are comfortable committing to things initially; but falter when it comes to execution,

Keep yourself accountable by sharing your goals with at least one person. This helps with keeping them top of mind, and also creates a system where someone else may feel inclined to check in on your progress too.

If the idea of involving others takes all the fun out ‘goal-setting’ for you – use technology! Track progress using an app or spreadsheet document.

Make staying accountable a non-negotiable part of this process.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

When it comes down to measuring success over time, review how far up that ladder (of whatever kind) you’ve climbed within specific benchmarked periods named off earlier versus being overly attached to achieving immediate results:

  • Weekly benchmarks
  • Monthly indicators
  • Six monthly reviews
  • Yearly checkpoints

Don’t forget small wins should not be overlooked–every step counts! Getting near a goal before crossing the finish line is honest indication of progression—no shame here!

Embrace The Power Of Positive Thinking

We know what negativism does right? We dislike living around those who never have anything decent to say—even worse attempting working towards goals without positive self-talk weighting ahead of negative feedback loops would make anyone unraveled! That means we want real win possibilities cheering us on.

Those voice inside our heads speak constant narratives swirling about when trying something new:

“This won’t work.”… “I’ll never get anywhere so why bother?”…
Yikes—very limiting beliefs hanging ’round making life difficult period!

Flipping perspective begins with choosing different affirmations daily like:

“I’m capable and tough enough…” or,
“Every try gets me closer than I was yesterday.”

You got this Goal Getter!

Celebrate Successes And Learn From Failures

While being positive and all the active planning feels great, sometimes we fall short of what was hoped to be achieved. This is okay!

Every failure is a learning opportunity –yes there’s such things as failures! As long as you learn from them it actually helps improve quicker in the longer term.

One often overlooked aspect of attaining regarding goals entails celebrating successes huge or small which need celebration for that progress made towards your objective.

Avoid These Three Common Goal-Setting Pitfalls

Goal-setting can be tough process with numerous trips—rather than trying avoiding common mistakes others make here are few to keep out-of-mind while beginning this next chapter:

  1. Not Clarifying Compass: even though one has clear objectives set once needs directives aka “compass” guiding through twists, turns surprise impediments to make sure they do not recede too far off course.
  2. Visualization exercise absence preventing showing oneself successful attainment potential outcome crucial leaving approach imbalanced; lacking clarity over expected results makes achieving those aspirations increasingly more difficult.
  3. Comparison Approaches Enable Lack Of Success Self-Awareness feeding doubts discouragement often leads create discontented environment altogether ultimately leading goal-holder giving up prematurely.

There you have it – Goal Setting Made Simple!

Following these tips (and adding a splash of humor), you’ll mastermind the inner makings of becoming ultimate goal cruser lady rocking her desires like no other!

Remember staying focused plus keep momentum going by setting new SMART objectives every so often powered forward each step reaping rewards your labor–so let’s get started crushing our dreams!

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