Craving Affection: All I Want is to be Loved

As humans, we crave love like plants need sunlight. We want it, we need it, and yet why is it so hard to come by? Trust me; I’m not saying this just for the sake of appearing cute! Research shows that affection helps improve our mood, reduce stress levels and brings out the best version of ourselves (which has always been hidden underneath all those layers of inhibitions). So if you’re feeling lonely or disconnected in your personal life what are you waiting for? Let’s explore together (without getting too sappy) how to satisfy those – ahem- Desires.

Oh Love…

So many songs have catchy tunes around the notion of being ‘in’ or ‘out/’o/’’ love – Love Hurts, All You Need Is Love (thank you Beatles), I Will Always Love You – but let’s be real here… sometimes don’t they feel a bit…corny?

However, clichés aside love truly does make everything better, there’s no denying that. Here are some deep facts in case anyone needed convincing:

  • People who reported experiencing frequent hugs were found likely to have improved immune systems according to one study
  • Another research corpus showed that when people had more contact with their loved ones following procedures involving anesthesia they experienced less pain overall
  • There was also another hypothesis suggesting an increase in endorphins from social interaction leading us naturally closer towards comfort zones mentally as well as physically.

Hey – if science says yes then surely that calls for increasing our share right?

Sow Some Seeds

Okay okay now hold up for a second please! Before jumping head-first into looking at dates left-right-and-center stop ^ proceed slow,yet steady^ . For somebody lovingly craving intangible things…( such intense feelings ugh)the process might seem quite daunting… no matter how heartfelt the need.

Developing a network of trustworthy, caring and sincere friends might seem easier said than done ( are you kidding lol… real friendships have kept so many comedy writers thriving just a little longer..all we do is make fun after all). However with the advent of social media, free Internet services and more mindful and open communities forming on virtual spaces it’s never been simpler to seek out new allies – who knows? You could even not imagine ever reverting to go solo once you’ve dipped your toes into bonding with others (take that, secluded haters!).

First questions first., before looking for companionship :

  • Take an inward look at yourself – what traits or hobbies would YOU like in somebody? It often begins within Self assessment if one wants genuine compatibility.
  • Make adjustments accordingly….( Is nobody perfect) duh

Ever thought about bringing up those ‘fun facts’ during lunch break conversations before hand?( Classic defense mechanism,but atleast this way its now intentional) Being humorous gives off comfortable vibes making people more inclined towards engaging further socially.

Similarly, cultivating interests as diverse gardening, programming languages(video games included), jogging amongst others enable exploring aspects of our surroundings leading us to be able to share them beautifully besides creating opportunities for shared experiences without ending up sticking only around apps.

Step Out Of Your Shell

If relying solely upon digital means doesn’t feel authentic enough (yeah I know my fifth grade summer camp experience also entailed singing Kumbya by campfires but hey i was excited) , trying something according outside your personal boundaries can contribute positively in building confidence. Some ideas:

  • Join clubs related5to your background or interests
    • Art classes? Yoga workshops?

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