Covering the Cord: The Best Newborn Clothes for Umbilical Attachment

Are you a new mom wondering how to dress your little bundle of joy while keeping their umbilical cord stump clean and dry? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be discussing the best newborn clothes for umbilical attachment. From onesies to gowns, we’ve scoured the world wide web to bring you some great options that will make it easy to care for your baby’s precious belly button.

What is an Umbilical Cord Stump?

Before diving into our list of recommended clothes, let us first understand what an umbilical cord stump is. After birth, the doctor clamps and cuts off the umbilical cord which leaves a small piece of tissue attached to your baby’s belly button. This tissue dries out over time until it falls off on its own usually around one or two weeks after birth. It is important during this healing process not only to keep it clean but also dry . Any moisture added can cause bacteria growth leading infection.

Now that we know what a cord stump is let’s take a look at some awesome clothes that can help protect them

Onesie with Fold-over Mitten Sleeves

First up on our list are onesies with fold-over mitten sleeves made from soft organic cotton material . These onsies have built-in mittens on each sleeve making sure warm fingers always there when babies need them.

They also normally feature adjustable snaps in front allowing ease in changing diapers without any inconveniences caused by buttons .

One major benefit of using these type compared normal onesies is they provide utmost access towards checking incision healing process as well as protecting against possible aggressive scratches due movements.

Pros Cons
Provides greatest accessibility Limited Style (only solid colors)
Available in all sizes Can only be worn in colder temperatures
Warm and comfortable for babies Too warm for places with hot weather


If you are looking for clothing that will make your newborn baby look like a prince or princess, then gowns might just the thing. They come in various styles, from simple to fancy ones . With their open bottom design, changing the baby’s diaper is made effortless .

Gowns made from light fabric ensure air moves freely , preventing adverse effects of heat temperature on babies. However, care must be taken by keeping them clean draping any part of its body.

Pros Cons
Easy access during diaper changes Limited mobility when moving infants
Open bottom design Complicated Dressing Process
Truly cute designs

Kimono Tops

Kimono tops have been around since ancient Japan but now they’re back with an ultra-modern twist specifically created for our little nuggets’ convenience!

This adorable outfit has side opening instead through top which makes it very easy dress styled options keeps outerwear always fresh.

The usual kimono style includes snap fasteners placed down left right sides allowing excess tugging connected to cord stump.They perfect all occasions simply layer long sleeve shirt add piece.

Many of stores provide various distinguished artists whose fair trade inspiration manifested this piece together producing result worthy mark congratulations!

This photo is an example of how adorable kimono tops can be for your baby

Pros Cons
Easy to dress Expensive piece compared normal onesies
Creates a trendy look Limited selection in stores

Loose-Fitting Tees and Sleepers

Finally, our list would not be complete without loose-fitting tees and sleepers that still allow full access to the umbilical cord area.

Seen as very comfy o wear because they provide enough room for babies have free movement and less chafing . And guess what? They come with easy-to-use snaps making diaper changing a breeze!

The only downside these types refers their design limited creativity bending toward more minimalistic plain design options.

Image showing off how cute babies are snuggled up in blankets

Pros Cons
Available in various sizes and designs Limited room for creativity
Comfortable Difficult to put on a wiggling baby

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right newborn clothes can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to umbilical cord attachment. The clothes chosen should not only provide easy access but also keep your little one warm and comfortable.

Over time as you become more experienced with caring for your newborn, it becomes evident that there are too many options! Nonetheless we hope this article was shed made things easier for you , so that both you and your baby have great experiences together after birth.

Remember: There is no magic trick or tool determine what works best earlier talked of target cheaper brand “up up” compared to other pricier items we see around simply because their clothing met needs while keeping budget check.