Connecticare choice?

Have you ever heard of Connecticare Choice? Chances are, if you live in Connecticut or New York, you have. But what the heck is it?

What is connecticare choice?

Connecticare Choice is a health insurance plan that offers various benefits to members. The plan falls under the umbrella of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, which was established in 1865.

The company has been providing quality insurance services for over 150 years! Can any other insurance company say that? Didn’t think so.

Types of plans

There are different types of plans offered under Connecticare choice:

  • HMO
  • POS
  • PPO
  • Indemnity

Each type comes with its pros and cons. Here’s a detailed breakdown:


An HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. This means that your healthcare options will be limited to just those within the network provided by Connecticare. You’ll need to choose a primary care physician, who will act as your gatekeeper for medical care.

– Cheaper premiums compared to other types.
– Lower out-of-pocket expenses.

– Limited providers outside your network may result in lower-quality treatment.
– Need referrals from PCP before seeing specialists.


A POS stands for Point Of Service. A POS plan lets you travel outside the network when needed but usually requires a referral from a primary care physician first like an HMO does.

– More coverage options available through preferred networks and visiting doctors outside your immediate service location more easily

– May require out-of-network charges at higher rates resulting in additional fees.


A PPO, also known as “Preferred Provider Organization” plans offer more flexibility than both HMOs and POS’s do while offering provider discounts on selected insurances says Lesley Mitchell, an expert in insurance policies. Patients are not limited to the providers within the network alone.

– More flexibility than HMO and POS.
– High-quality care from preferred medical practitioners

– Higher premiums compared with HMOs and POS’s


An Indemnity Plan provides members with more freedom when selecting treatment options since medical expenses are paid directly rather than for predetermined treatments or services, making them one of the most flexible plans out there if budget permits according to John Corcoran, a health Insurance Specialist. These plans offer significantly higher payment rates for service providers outside the network.

– Multiple options available since members have more choices regarding their doctor selection
– Maximized coverage provided by non-network doctors

– Typically expensive plans built mostly for individuals with high-budget healthcare deservings.

Who is Connecticare choice intended for?

Connectiacare Choice was created to cater to local citizens residing in Connecticut or New York seeking quality affordable health insurance coverage.Most healthy individuals including families can easily find appropriate conventional Active Choices offered under this plan as stated on EzHealthMart’s website cited best-seller group health insurance sellers.