Coffee and baking soda hair removal does it work?

If you’re tired of feeling like a fuzzy bear, constantly waxing or using hair removal creams, then perhaps you’ve looked to the internet for some unconventional solutions. One such rumored solution is the use of coffee and baking soda as a DIY hair removal method. But does this actually work? Let’s dive in.

What exactly is coffee and baking soda hair removal?

Essentially, the process involves creating a paste made out of coffee grounds and baking soda that is applied to the skin to remove unwanted body hair. The caffeine found in coffee has been said to help stimulate blood flow which helps exfoliate your skin while also slowing down growth. Meanwhile, baking soda acts as an abrasive that can rid dead skin cells by scrubbing them away.

How do you make this concoction?

To create this at home recipe you’ll need:

  • Brewed coffee grounds (the more potent, the better)
  • Baking Soda
  • A little water

Once all these ingredients are collected together follow these steps:

  1. Mix ¼ cup of ground Coffee with 1 tablespoon sodium bicarbonate in your bowl.
  2. Add enough water just until mixture resembles wet sand.
  3. Apply it onto cleaned silky areas where leg hairs grow e.g legs. Leave on for about ten minutes
    Rinse off followed by hydration cream(since its exfoliating) .

Now that we have our how-to guided sorted out let us proceed forward discussing some burning questions

Is there any scientific proof behind it?

There isn’t much scientific evidence related specifically towards coffee and baking soda regarding their effectiveness when used together but each ingredient has been well documented individually under varied aims such whiten teeth ,providing refreshed-looking smooth facial complexion etc . Also many users online claim success stories!

Do any downsides exist? Possible side effects?

While the proof behind this craze is weak, people’s experiences are not. Many individuals with a history of allergies need to be cautious as itchiness/rash could occur for some folk Despite the common belief that coffee might act as a natural dye and color your skin brown, yet because you’re only using ground beans and they won’t warrant any staining.

Do certain types of hair respond better than others?

People who have finer or lighter hair seem to report more success after experiments with such recipe ,Bristlier/larger strands may require multiple tries however it’s better avoided on sensitive areas closer like underarms where skin tends to be delicate

Can this method cause ingrown hairs?

Exfoliating too much too often can lead to ingrown hair issues overall- so readjust usage accordingly.
As part of exfoliation in skincare though accompanied by coconut oil etc effectiveness towards diminishing appearance of dark spots has been recorded from past anecdotal accounts but do remember YMMV! (Your mileage may vary)

The Verdict

In conclusion, although there isn’t solid scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness when used together or accompanied by other ingredients in homemade “experiments”; Various case studies mentioned online show positive results regarding their varying journey experimented individually rather than as a whole..

# However, adopt at own risk

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