Civant aha exfoliating serum how to use?

Do you want to look like a shiny new penny? Are youthful skin and a flawless complexion important to you? Look no further, my dear reader. Civant AHA exfoliating serum is the secret weapon for achieving glowing, radiant skin.

Made with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), this serum works by loosening dead skin cells on your face, allowing new ones to grow in their place. But before diving headfirst into using this magic potion, it’s essential to understand how exactly Civant AHA exfoliating serum works and what benefits it brings to the table.

What is Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)?

Allow me to introduce you to AHAs – organic compounds that work wonders when used in skincare products such as serums and lotions. These acids are derived from various fruits like limes, lemons pineapples among others).

AHAs get rid of dead skin cells by breaking down some of the “glue” that keeps them bound together. This process makes way for healthy regrowth of fresh skin cells while revealing smoother, brighter-looking skin underneath!

Not only do they promote cell regeneration in our facial epidermis but also extend its dermal connective tissue longevity; simultaneously improving hydration levels on both layers- bonus!

Benefits of Using Civant Aha Exfoliating Serum

Before we delve into how one should go about applying Civant’s exfoliator properly let’s first talk about why doing so can be utterly revolutionary:

Clogged pores are out – unclogs pores leading less acne breakouts
Smoother texture – Refines skins’ texture leaving it feeling smooth-edged.
Soothes fine lines & wrinkles– Acts as anti-inflammatory agents helping de-puff any puffiness around eyes or smile lines.
Calming effects – Minimizes redness & irritation, leaving skin feeling more balanced than ever before.

With these in mind, let’s dive into how to use Civant Aha Exfoliating Serum correctly.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Follow these five simple steps to make your skin glow like never before:

Step 1: Begin with Cleansed Skin

Ensure the face is thoroughly cleansed and dried off. This way, there will be no dirt or oil blocking the exfoliation serum from getting through properly on your face.

Step 2: Apply a Small Amount of Serum

Take forth about two pumps of Civant AHAs’ exfoliant serum onto fingertips and massage gently onto the whole face for around 30seconds. Concentrate lightly on areas that tend to get dry regularly like nose wings/chin

Step3: Wait for it!

After application avoid any immediate contact with water or other skincare products as this could neutralize its pH balance (which we don’t want!). Waiting time varies between individuals but keep an eye out during the first few weeks; typically waiting at least around 10 minutes should bypass any potential negative effect caused by mixing chemical efficiencies.


If applying in both day/night routines recommend using SPFs due to increased sun sensitivity post-AHA use period.


Sit back and relax whilst waiting for all them ahhs-&-wows once you check yourself out after protocol completion!

Step5(feelin’ french?)

Tonique’s special tip:- Use our ‘Crème de la mer’, people who have used this duo swear they’re infused with French perfection! After all, who doesn’t love French elegance integrated into their beauty regime?


Q: Is it safe?
A:AHA levels are reasonably low hence making it appropriate/safe for non-sensitive skin types every once or twice weekly.

Q: Is it for oily skin?
A:YES- Civant’s exfoliating serum helps unclogs pores hence reducing sebum levels, leading to less acne issues.

Q: How often should I use it?
A:Ah! Shameless plug alert but reality-wise, we recommend a usage of 1-2 times per week checking on face sensitivity after every day’ s end as the first stage post-application might feel slightly tingly (which is normal!).


Civant AHA exfoliating serum can work wonders for your skin if utilized correctly. Its unique benefits are worth giving it a go! Is there anything better than flaunting youthful looking skin that glows like sunshine in summer? Show me one thing? No you can’t because…that’s exactly what this product enables you to do. Hopefully, our tongue-and-cheek article has cleared up any confusion and given interesting insight into how Civant’s AHA Exfoliator could assist you in achieving radiant, fresh-faced glory!

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