Cheers to the Hearts You’ll Crush

Have you ever crushed someone’s heart before? Of course, you have. We all have. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, it happens. It’s just a part of life.

But don’t worry! There’s no need to feel guilty about it anymore. In fact, let’s celebrate those moments with a toast (or five) to the hearts we’ve crushed!

Introduction: Why Crushing Hearts Can Be Fun

Crushing someone’s heart may sound like a cruel and heartless thing to do (whoops, there goes one of our crushes). But hear us out!

There are several reasons why crushing hearts can be fun (and sometimes even necessary).

Reason 1: Boost Your Ego

Let’s face it, nothing feels better than having someone pine over you incessantly (YASSS QUEEN/KING). It’s not necessarily healthy for either party involved – but come on…admit that your ego gets an itch scratched.

Reason 2: The Thrill of The Chase

It can be thrilling knowing that you hold someone in palm (they’re so easy), much like a cat does when he/she has successfully caught his/her prey…You know exactly what I’m talking about 😉

Reason 3: Testing Ground For Compatibility

Sometimes dating is just trial & error- mistakes will ALWAYS happen…sometimes at another person’s expense 😏 Onwards and upwards!

The point is that there are valid reasons for enjoying crushing people’s hearts – as long as you’re conscious of your own emotional hangups behind doing so 😉

Now that we’ve gotten past our PSA (public service announcement) let’s dive into how best to celebrate such triumphs.

Best Ways To Celebrate After Breaking up Someone

So after breaking up with somebody and causing them immense emotional pain….after feeling absolutely terrific/conflicted/worried…what can you do to lift yourself up while the other picks themselves back up?

1. Have a Cocktail

First things first, have a cocktail (or ten). Preferably something colorful with an umbrella or garnish of some sort (because aesthetics are half the battle)

2. Tell Your Best Friends

Tell your best friends…and anybody who will listen (aka everyone on social media) that you are ‘happy’ again – but be careful, sharing too much might just make you look like an ugly heartless deviant.

3. Get Creative

Creative release is always key in times like these- drawing or painting something relatable to how it all went down could soothe any after-thoughts ya got going on.

Once done with that art project one must only contemplate – does this gorgeous masterpiece go over their bed or was it meant for the living room across from the sofa? Choices, Choices!

Long-Term Satisfaction Of Crushing Hearts

The satisfaction from crushing someone’s heart can sometimes last long after the fact (sometimes we feel bad, most likely not though).

It’s important to remember that everything in life has a cause and effect so don’t sweat it: they’ll move on and fall in love irrevocably–that’s what being resilient means 😝

But even beyond simply causing someone else sadness there’s something satisfying about knowing people feel emotions for us 🤔 perhaps lacking self-love (totally acknowledging this fault here), we seek validation through others’ perceptions of our worth—especially romantically (yeda yeda).

So let’s raise our glasses then and cheer ourselves/ each other/us:

“Here’s To The Hearts We’ll Crush Next!”

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