Causes Of Tingling In The Left Arm

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, tingle is to feel a lot of sharp points being put quickly and lightly into your body. Hence we can describe tingling in the left arm as a sharp, quick, painful feeling around the arms.

Tingling in the left arm can occur as a result of simple postural mistakes like resting your body weight on your arm while sleeping. Tingling of the left arm is usually experienced by aging folks. Also, It can be a symptom of severe medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or stroke.

However, if your left arm begins to tingle suddenly, you need to seek medical attention immediately. This will help you quickly identify the cause and treat it before it gets worse.

In this post, we carefully examine some likely causes of tingling in the left arm.

Tingling in Your Arm
What causes tingling in your arm?

6 Reasons for tingling in the left arm


As one gets older, the muscles and joints get tired and start behaving like worn-out bolts and nuts. It’s normal for aging people to have a tingle around some parts of their bodies occasionally. However, if the tingles seem prolonged, it is advisable to seek medical help.

Postural Issues

If you sleep on your left arm for quite some time, you are likely to get a tingle. Also, holding your mobile phone and texting for hours even when lying on your back or belly can cause your arm to tingle. When you start experiencing the pain, simply readjusting your posture or keeping your mobile phone away can give you quick relief.

Physical Activities

Prolonged use of the arm for heavy physical activities can also cause tingling in the arms. Whether you have a daily routine of doing push-ups to stay fit, or you are a left-handed worker, tingles may come occasionally.

Skeletomuscular injury

As the name implies, internal injuries to muscles and bones around the left arm can also cause tingling. It usually takes expert medical interventions to differentiate tingle caused by Skeletomuscular injury from other causes. Examples of skeletomuscular injury include Tendinitis and Bone fracture.

Tendinitis: This occurs when there is inflammation of the connective tissue between the muscle and the bone. Inflammation of connective tissues in the elbow or shoulder can cause pain in the arm. This condition is common with swimmers, construction workers, and tennis players, due to continuous use of the joints.

Bone Fracture: Where a person is unaware of broken bones in the arm, tingling can serve as a warning signal.


Peripheral neuropathy which is regarded as a pain from the nerve damage in the hands and feet is an early symptom of diabetes. It has been observed that, at the early stages of diabetes, tingling and other symptoms are usually first noticed in both feet then to the legs. Tingling, as well as other symptoms, then affect the hands up to the shoulders. These observations reveal that more than half of diabetic patients show signs of nerve damage during the early stages of the disease.

Vitamin B deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 might cause nerve damage. Due to that, you may feel tingling in different parts of body, like hands, legs and feet.


Tingling in the left arm have also been identified as early signs of arthritis, heart attack, and stroke. The only way to be sure whether the causes of your tingling left arm is mild or not is to seek immediate medical attention. However, if that occurs only once in a long while, it may be due to just the minor causes.

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