Care after ipl?

If you’ve just undergone an intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy session, congratulations! You’re on your way to achieving that flawless skin you’ve always wanted. But the journey doesn’t end there. To ensure the best results, it’s important to give your skin some TLC post-treatment.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your skin after IPL:

Take It Easy for the First Few Days

Your skin is extremely sensitive right now, so it’s crucial that you avoid any activities that could aggravate or irritate it further. This includes avoiding sun exposure (‘What? No beach day?!’), touching (‘But my fingers can do magic!’) or scratching itches around treated areas and using harsh products on it … especially nothing containing retinol or glycolic acid!

Two Words – Be Gentle

A gentle touch goes a long way when taking care of your post-IPL face (or anywhere else following treatment!). Use soothing skincare products such as moisturizers with hyaluronic acid (YES TO HYALURONIC ACID!!) , calendula cream or aloe vera gel (Does this stuff really work? I’ll say yes, they have been used since ancient times!)

Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure (and other hazards)

Sun damage is one of the main enemies post-IPL treatment. Ensure you wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every time you step outside during daylight hours in case reoccurance caused by harmful rays…avoiding driving cars with top down should also be taken into consideration too in order not cause any unnecessary frequent sunlight exposure!

Avoid Scents

Another thing that isn’t perfume after receiving this procedure..that means no scented lotions, perfumes seductive oils…nothing basically Why?? Oh, Because it can do more harm than good for your skin which would lead to an influx in irritation, redness and overall un-improved post-IPL results.

Moisturize Regularly

I can’t stress this enough! Moisture is the key to achieving fresh and radiant skin following the IPL treatment..hydration is critical!! Although there are a variety of products that have a lot of ingredients to chose from (Feeling overwhelmed? I’m here with ya), consider choosing unscented hydrating lotions or creams as they are what your skin needs without aggravation. (But be wary of certain brands!)

Stay Away from Sulfates

When making use of cleansers after undergoing the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy session make sure they do not contain harsh chemicals like sulfates because Their molecules structure could destroy all progress made during sessions…Choosing soaps that only ask gently yet clean effectively tends to be even nicer!

Patience Pays Off – Monitor Your Progress Weeks After Treatment

Patience comes into play here following any kind of beauty regimens. It’s important first you give yourself time heal properly by just observing for about two weeks before evaluating upshots internally/ externally. By doing such, areas cleared will become even lighter while areas not covered might still look dull.

Keep Up The Routine

Often times hardwork really works out eventually but staying taking care frequently over time helps speed up effective rejuvenation… consistency guarantees results.

Taking care practices often times overlooked as it requires you giving maximum willingness efforts consistently until actualization occurs whether positive or negative end result…with the tips provided above,it’s both achievable and feasible if followed through religiously especially when it comes down on how well maintained ipl’d face looks over long term.
So go forth my beautiful friend, looking luscious has never been easier!

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