Can your water break before the mucus plug comes out?

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of emotions, changes, and questions for new moms-to-be. One of the most common ones is concerning their water breaking – or not breaking – and how it relates to the mucus plug. So, let’s clear this up once and for all (or until someone else comes out with another theory)!

What is the Mucus Plug?

Before we dive into whether your water can break without losing your mucus plug or vice versa, let’s define what exactly we’re talking about here.

The mucus plug is basically a barrier that forms in the cervix during pregnancy to prevent bacteria from entering and potentially harming the growing fetus (fun fact: sometimes doctors will use this to predict when labor might start!). It looks like thick discharge, oftentimes brownish or pinkish due to small amounts of blood present.

How does My Water Break?

Now that you have an idea of what the mucus plug entails, let’s talk about amniotic fluid – aka ‘water.’

Here are some fun (relative term) ways you could experience your water breaking:

  • A sudden gush (think ruptured pipe level)
  • A slow leak over time
  • Dripping while sitting/standing/sleeping (basically anytime)

We know what you’re thinking:can’t wait to experience THAT!

Jokes aside – it really doesn’t hurt as much as people make it out to be. It feels like peeing yourself but there’s no relief afterwards… only more wet underwear.

Water Breaking = Labor Time?
One important thing many people wonder if there is a direct correlation between their water breaking and when labor starts? Well…. YES AND NOOOOOO

Some women will wake up in bed one day with a waterfall coming out from under them (note to self: invest in waterproof bedsheet). This usually means that labor is starting or will start soon. However, some women might have their water break without knowing at all (could also be mistook for peeing yourself though) and go about their day like nothing’s happening.

The Big Question: Can Your Water Break Before the Mucus Plug Comes Out?

Finally onto the million-dollar question – can your water break before you lose your mucus plug?

The answer is … YES!

It’s possible for a woman’s water to break before her mucus plug comes out. Likewise, it’s possible for someone to lose their mucus plug first and then experience a gradual leak of amniotic fluid over time (slow but sure baby cakes!) It makes sense when you think about it logically – they’re two different things.

However, as much fun as this one-sided conversation has been so far there are some exceptions to consider:

  • Some women may not even see/notice/detect their mucus plug
  • Others may have it come out in pieces rather than altogether (puddles v.s droplets)
  • very rarely yet still something worth mentioning here…women can indeed produce more than one “plug” during pregnancy

All of which change what would typically occur just as another day goes by.

Indications Your Water Has Broken

Now that we’ve established any kind of order between breaking pluggies/preggo fluids we hope it comforting eventually recognizing if ever actually happens by looking
for these signs:
– A sudden gush (AGAIN…no stressed enough on how big this theatrical moment truly is)
– Leaking from the vagina continuously throughout the day (at least until you reach er…the hospital)
-could always try running towards cleaner surfaces such rugs, carpets…
-Take note on whether fluid continues coming after using bathroom
-light contractions

Yay! Now that you’re all caught up, let’s go out and apply for midwifery, shall we?

Stay hydrated and thank you for coming over to preggo chat partay with us.