Can you wear baby bjorn on back?

If you are a new parent, then you know how challenging it can be to carry your baby around all the time. This is especially true if you need to take them out in public or go on long walks. The Baby Bjorn carrier is one of the most popular baby carriers on the market today. One question many parents ask is whether they can wear their baby bjorn carrier on their back.

What Is a Baby Bjorn Carrier?

A Baby Bjorn carrier is essentially a sling that you use to strap your baby onto yourself, enabling hands-free carrying and mobility for both moms and dads as well as reinforcing bonding between mommy and younger ones. It features an adjustable strap system that allows for maximum comfort whilst eliminating common back pain associated with parenting.


Table lists some ingredients necessary when using Baby Bjorn Carrier

Ingredient Quantity
Milk 1 bottle
Bib 2 pieces
Pacifier 2 pieces

You can see from this table that there’s no mention of straps or any attachment mechanism used to secure this ‘sling’ so essentially – what gives? How does it even work? Do we just dangle our newborns from these… ribbons without fear?

Unwrapping The Mystery That Comes With Using A Baby Carrier On Your Back

The answer lies in the nature of its design; assuming one uses an infant appropriate variation(s) according to weight limits which vary based solely by brand positioning (no two babies are same). There’s lots of different types like ergonomic riders, multiple position & sitting options,notwithstanding other manufacturers such as LILLEbaby CarryOn Airflow Ergonomic Toddler Carrier whose XXL size suitable even upto child-aged babies.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Baby On Your Back

  1. Ergonomic support

The Baby Bjorn Carrier is ergonomically designed to provide good support for both the baby and the wearer.
2. Hands-free convenience

With a Baby Bjorn Carrier, you can keep your hands free for other tasks while keeping your baby close at hand.
3. Increased mobility

A carrier like this enables parents or caretakers cover more territory going further distances than the normative stroller option which puts some stress on lugging rather than walking smoothly.

Factors To Consider When Wearing Your Baby On The Front Or Back

Before considering if wearing it on the back seems ‘wise’ there are a few elements that should be taken into account when opting for either front or back styles/hooks of wearability:

Factors Front Back
Mental awareness Higher Lower
Weight distribution Heavy cloth material sags due to gravity
Comfort Strips sometimes uncomfortably conflict with boobage
Ease Of Use Most designs require another pair of hands

Can You Wear A Baby Bjorn Carrier On Your Back?

Yes! With proper adjustments and alignment of straps, carrying them in their opposite direction provides greater comfort and reduced risk towards spines; since babies tend towards sitting upright being taller than wide so their positioning would most likely point forwardly when carried straight across one’s chest (and reversely) when facing their warders backside.

How Do You Adjust The Straps To Wear It On Your Back?

First take long strips from its ends around ribcage until they cross by waist level, over shoulders before buckling perpendicularly at smaller sacrum disk above buttocks then simply put children inside, centering legs around hips/knees/upper calves but not extending beyond pillows (which ensure head stability).

Bonus Fun fact: Did you know that Nordic countries (babybjorn company hail from Sweden) have more ergonomic baby stations in public places, from airports to roadside rest stops?

Is There A Best Age To Transition Your Baby From Frontal Wear To Using The Back Carrying Method?

While there is no fixed answer to this question, children are said to be good transitioning after 4-6 months or starting age between six and eight weeks of age.


In conclusion, it is indeed possible to wear a Baby Bjorn Carrier on your back. Moreover,it frees up hands and provides convenience enabling parents access some mobility with their infants in tow. Before leaving though don’t forget (ground rule) never use backpack carriers without proper attention being paid towards the manufacturer’s guidance as such usage due to safety concerns can prove quite hazardous otherwise!!!

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