Can you walk on a fractured patella?

The patella connects the quadriceps muscle of the thigh to the bones of the lower leg, and it is essential to walking. Since you will likely not be able to place any weight on a knee with a fractured patella, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to walk until it is repaired.

Can a patella fracture be treated without surgery? Patients with nondisplaced (not separated) or minimally displaced fractures who can perform a straight leg raise (as described above) can usually be treated without surgery. A long leg cast or a knee immobilizer will be used for the treatment of these types of patellar fractures. 1

Is it possible to walk with a fractured kneecap? When your articulation is immobilized, it will be possible to walk around with your kneecap fracture.

What do you need to know about a patellar fracture? A patellar fracture is a break in your kneecap. Treatment depends on how the kneecap breaks. Broken pieces may move out of line or break through the skin. What are the signs and symptoms of a patellar fracture?

What kind of exercise can I do after a patella fracture? After your patellar fracture repair, exercise options will vary depending on your stage of recovery. Whether you’ve had surgical or nonsurgical treatment—both of which involve a period of knee immobilization—you’ll initially be limited to non-weight-bearing exercise that does not stress your knee.

What should I do if I have a patellar fracture?

What should I do if I have a patellar fracture? Some simple patellar fractures can be treated by wearing a cast or splint until the bone heals. In most patellar fractures, however, the pieces of bone move out of place when the injury occurs.

When do you need a cast for a patella fracture? If you need crutches or a cane for balance, your doctor can provide you with the appropriate device. If the patella was fractured into many pieces, or if a bone fragment extended through the skin, the knee may need to be immobilized in a cast or brace for an additional three to six weeks.

How long does it take for a broken patella to heal? What is the average healing time of a broken patella? It can take three to six months, on average, to return to prior activity levels after treatment for a patellar fracture. 1 Your recovery time will depend on your physical therapy goals, whether you had surgery or nonsurgical treatment, and the seriousness of your injury.

Can a patella fracture occur in any part of the knee? The patella can fracture in many ways. A fracture may be a simple, clean, two-piece break or the bone can break into many pieces. A break can occur at the top, center, or lower part of the bone. Sometimes, fractures occur in more than one area of the kneecap.