Can you use sudocrem as moisturiser?

If you’re someone who has ever suffered from dry, itchy or irritated skin, then chances are you’ve already come across the wonder that is Sudocrem. A thick white cream that’s commonly used to treat nappy rash in babies, it’s also highly effective at tackling a range of other common skincare woes.

But what about using Sudocrem as moisturizer? Is this something you should consider adding to your daily routine, or would you be better off investing in a dedicated product instead? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

What Exactly is Sudocrem?

Before we dive into whether or not you can use Sudocrem as moisturizer , let’s first talk about what the cream actually is. Created all the way back in 1931 by pharmacist Thomas Smith during his time treating soldiers for trench foot during World War I,Sudocream– initially called “Smith’s Cream” – was designed specificallywith treating damaged skin. It works by creating an emollient barrier on top of the skin to lock in moisture while simultaneouslyallowing any wounds belowto heal more efficiently.

Today,Sudcrem remains one of the most widely-used topical creams worldwide thanks to its versatile and multifunctional properties.

The Benefits of Using Sudocrem

So what exactly makes sudicram so special when it comes to skincare?Sonicare Cream contains many beneficial ingredients, including:

  • Zinc oxide which helps create an anti-inflammatory barrier on top of your skin – perfect for those with sensitive, easily-Irritated (Or acne-bom)skin
  • Benzyl benzoate that has been shown to have keratolytic(properly removes dead cells)/anti-parasitic effects
    -Purified water; Glycerol;Lanolin(the natural oils found insheep wool); GlycerylOleate; Lanolin Alcohol; Beeswax form a protective barrier that locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated.

Check out some of the other benefits of using Sudocrem below:

Can Help Soothe Irritation

Sudocrem is highly effective at helping to soothe and calm irritated skin. That’s because, as mentioned earlier, it creates an emollient layer which works to both protect existing wounds while preventing further irritation from occurring.
It’svery useful for treating inflamed acne or painful Pimplesthat are on their way out-apply just enough cream directly onto them before bed And watch them shrink overnight!

Great Antibacterial Supplement

Another key benefit of Sudocream when used on your skin is its antibacterial properties.If you have spots/acne-prone or oily skin,The active ingredient, zinc oxide can help prevent bacteria buildup/oil gland clogging that leads to p’imples

As well as having antiseptic properties,Sunodcream has also been shown to be effective against fungus That makes it perfect for use should you ever develop fungal infections such as thrush.

Acts As A Barrier Against Moisture Loss

Got dry flaky patches especially around elbows or heels? Worry no more.Sudocreamcontains various emollients – including soothing lanolin- which work together to soften the rough/dry/blemishedkin by actively retaining any natural oils present within in our skinsnatural protective barrier rather than allowing evaporation.This helps ensureproper hydration withoutchappingduring harsh weather allowing cells regenerate properly with no hindrance.

The Drawbacks Of Using sudicram As Moisturizer

Although there are many clear benefits associated with using sundscremas moisturiser overall,it might notbe ideal in every scenario for everyone.Here are some potential drawbacks/disadvantages:

It May Be Too Rich For Some Skin Types

One of the main problems with using Sudocrem as a moisturizer is that it’s quite heavy and thick, meaning that it may not work well for all skin types.This could be an issue in particular if you have oily or acne-prone skin;whereasit’s so effective at keeping things moist,A lot of peoplemay findthat theirshin feel extra oily after using too much sudicram.That said; if you’re lookingfor a daily moisturizer to combatdryflaky irritatedskin,

It’s Not Designed Specifically For Use As A Moisturizer

Another drawback of using Sudocrem as a moisturizer isthat- while it does contain plenty of active ingredients—its formula has been specifically designedto deal with treatingconditions such as nappy rashor fungal infections. This means that there might be other products out there which are better suited for general hydration purposes – those specifically formulated as ‘facecreams’ improvedformulation.

How To Use Sudscream As A Moisturiser

If you’ve read through this article and decidedyou want to give Sundcrream amorefairchanceat becoming your newfavouriteeveryday moiturzer,Here’s whatto do:

  1. Start by making sure your face/hands/feet are clean and dry.
    2.Use just enoughS.Wudacreamtopiqueble areas.
    3.Spreadthe creamusinggentle circular motionsuntil your skinnaturally absorbsthe product
    4.Allowthe cream atleast(apply before badtome)30 minutesbefore exposing yourself outside
    5.Enjoy super soft hydratedgloving complexion

While results may vary depending on individual skincare concernsandcomplexion,Sudomcrem makes foragreatskincare routineaddition any time.The process involvedis simpleenough,and the creamyformula will leaveyour skin feeling baby-softy smoothwhateverelsehappens!


So can you use Sudocrem as a moisturizer? As we’ve explored throughout this article, the short answer is yes!ADD SOMETHING FUNNY

However,it’s important to keep in mind that – like any skin product- it has certain limitations and drawbacks,And only be usedas your moiturizing supplement once you’recertainthat its working well foryou. If youre still not sure whether or not sudicrmis rightfor you,mayI suggest trying outa small patch test firstto see howyour skin responds. From there,all thats left to do isto workthe creaminto your routine,and I’m sureyou’lldearnottobelievehow elastic// supplelon;yourskincare comes winter season ADD SOME CTA words

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