Can you use e45 cream on babies?

Are you a new parent with a baby whose skin is drier than the Sahara Desert? Are you tired of trying different creams that don’t seem to work? Well, look no further dear reader (oops!), because this article will answer all your questions about whether or not E45 cream can be used on babies.

What is E45 cream?

Before we dive into the main question, let’s start by understanding what E45 cream really is. First and foremost, it has nothing to do with your favorite Marvel character – “E” doesn’t stand for “Elektra”. It is actually an emollient that works as a moisturizer for dry skin. Emollients are substances designed to lock moisture in the skin surface, providing hydration and preventing dryness.

The magic formula behind E45 consists mainly of two ingredients: Liquid Paraffin and White Soft Paraffin. These ingredients create an oily layer over the skin which helps trap water within its layers.

Fun fact- these ingredients might sound intimidating, but they are often times just medical grade versions of petroleum jelly!

Can E45 cream be used safely on newborns and infants?

As soon as baby makes three , parents do everything in their power to ensure baby stays healthy. As far baby’s skincare goes, parents should consider products free from any kind allergens or irritating agents so careful attention must first be put in deciding if E45 Cream can be given a seat at your baby’s velvety throne.

Surprisingly enough,E45 Cream is absolutely safe for even newborns, provided there isn’t any contraindication present! Parents dealing with eczema prone little ones who require regular bath wipes/moisturizing agents fight hard against rashes caused due to synthetic/chemical filled lotions only leading them down comically desperate google searches. Add that to a host of skin relatives, E45 could very well become your everyday ally.

The thing with newborns is that their skin has not yet fully developed, making it more sensitive than the average adult. This means products must be tested and trialed before use to ensure they are able to tolerate them. Keeping this in mind; it’s always wise to test E45 cream on your baby’s skin first before doing a full application -at least once (we don’t want any surprises frightening our new mamma or papa). Give it 24 hours for good measure if at all possible.

When should E45 cream be used?

Now we know E45 Cream is safe but hold your horses (it’s okay if you own them), there is still another question weighing heavily upon astute parents- when & how can one utilize its powers? Well my dear reader(s) (wink wink) , fret not!

E45 can come in handy during many situations where “Fireman” needs rescuing:

  1. Dry skin
  2. Dermatitis
  3. Psoriasis

Even though babies need extra care as far as their delicate hygiene goes, they often suffer from dryness and rashes just like adults do! Using E45 Cream helps keep that mositure locked in while also soothing any reddening caused by friction or dryness.

How should I apply E45 cream?

Applying noticeably less butter these days? Fear not mama-bear and papa-wolf- Applying E45 Cream on baby isn’t rocket science(if it ain’t broke don’t fix it- cough-absolutely-not-talking-from-experience…cough!) . Here are some simple steps which will make moisturizing an all around pleasant experience –

  1. After bathing your little bundle of joy, towel them gently ensuring damp-skin remains.
    2.Choose a time when baby is in a comfy and settled state (see what we did there- parents of infants will surely..umm… settle for these little windows).
  2. Apply an adequate amount of E45 cream on your palms (a pea-sized amount will suffice! Oops-wait, is that considered a -self-reference?) then begin spreading & massaging into baby’s skin(relive the glory days when you were at the receiving end 😉 ).

Are There Any Side Effects to Using E45 Cream?

No need for unnecessary worrying or panic attacks. Although rare, excessive application may lead to certain side effects such as itching, rashes etc; also babies with underlying skin conditions can potentially be affected differently. Other than this noteworthy acid test requirement before commencing use , E45 Cream has no known adverse effects.


Hurrayy!! It’s time to say Goodbye to worries about moisturizing little ones who seem precious enough but are secretly Draculla behaving enigmatically out of moisture-love deprivation (ok now that was just too long).

Thanks to its excellent emollient properties and easy-to-use formula, E45 cream makes for an amazing solution while looking after your baby’s delicate new born skin.(Don’t forget testing it first!).

So go ahead parents- pamper away, because our dear precious bundles deserve nothing less than butter soft memories (& cheeks).

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