Can you treat osteomyelitis with oral antibiotics?

Osteomyelitis, a bone infection caused by bacteria or fungi, can be a very nasty and painful business. However, when it comes to the treatment of this condition, is it as simple as popping some pills? Can you really treat osteomyelitis with oral antibiotics? Let us explore this question together.

What is Osteomyelitis?

Before we dive into treating osteomyelitis with anything, let’s take a moment to talk about what exactly osteomyelitis is. Osteo-what-now?

Simply put – This is an inflammation of your bones usually brought on by harmful microorganisms (Yuck!). The more scientific definition – “Osteomyelitis” comes from two Greek words: “osteon” meaning bone and “myelon” meaning marrow which means ‘inflammation that affects bone marrow’. There are two types of bone infections namely acute and chronic. Usually, if left untreated or not treated effectively enough in the beginning then it tends to become chronic.

How Do You Get It?

In case you’re still curious 🙂 – Generally speaking contamination enters our bodies through open wounds and in specific cases individuals suffering from poor health conditions who may have had traumatic injuries e.g deep cuts or broken bones they’re there for vulnerable targets for these types of infections.

Signs & Symptoms

If we continuously prattle on about how disgusting this disease so lemme explain its symptoms –

  1. Uncontrollable chills
  2. Body shaking violently / feverish
  3. Nausea
    5.Sore muscles
    7.Wound drainage
    8.Redness,burning sensations/inflammation at affected area.
    9.Limitations surrounding mobility/functions(severely breached immune system)
    10.Bone fractures getting delayed healing & recurring pain.

Are we all able to comprehend exactly how devastating this condition can become and effective treatment/solution is therefore needed ASAP.


Before taking any steps toward treatment, it’s worth the extra effort to perform a proper diagnosis. Diagnosis usually includes lab work (blood tests), imaging brain scans,X-rays etc) and possible biopsy of bone tissue so one can get an accurate read on the extent/severity of infection.

Treatment Options

Ok now let’s focus on our main question,wether using oral antibiotics be used for osteomyelitis?

So lets break down some options –

Intravenous Antibiotics

The direct introduction of powerful medication right into your bloodstream always sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick however in reality it remains one biggest existing tool when treating bacterial infections such as Osteo. The strength, frequency and duration depends largely upon criticalness & way AFFECTED patient is reacting to intravenous drugs hence results tend to vary with degree/kg/age/gender/ill-health/history(e.g insulin resistance). In more severe cases it would be advisable at first . Your doctor may start you off with strong antibiotic injections or infusions which will give a higher chance of effectively managing the inflammation but often accompanied by multiple modes/treatments are implemented parallelly(physical therapy,eating nutritional foods,surgically removing pit where contamination has increased.)

Echh If this doesn’t sound divine ……

However still after trying other routes if things aren’t improved through intravenous antibiotics, there might come a time where surgery becomes inevitable….BUT wait! There’s hope! Researchers have been indicating that using oral therapies in certain situations may allow alternative methods , saving you from going under the knife!

Oral Antibiotics For Bone Infections ?

What does “oral” mean? It means taking medicine by mouth/swallowing pills for instance. Especially if caught early enough- Oral antimicrobial solution might do the trick! They’ve been found useful in a majority of non-critical cases with chronic osteomyelitis at times – this can be seen as a first choice medication. Surprised? Well we all know that anything taken orally has to travel through our digestive system before reaching bloodstream right but it does pack a punch – The success rates are good considering lead up treatment /combination uses which alters upon case variables.

Precautionary Measures

Of course, taking oral antibiotics will not always be an option; some patients may have difficulty tolerating certain types or they may prove cons-indicative for various reasons. As per usual doctors need to carefully evaluate their conditions and history & only after proper diagnosis can patient choose amongst treatments for specific infection including method of administration (Drip/pills/injections)etc .

When should you ask about Oral antibiotics?

First , it’s prudent to consult your doctor while going over recent symptoms e.g high temperature, pains or wounds so you both come to best possible decision and ways forward when treating your condition. Your doctor would advise what kind/type/dosage would suit individual cases in accordance with age/weight etc

Benefits Of Oral Antibiotics For Osteomyelitis

1.Administered At Home
Popping pills don’t require any hospital stay infact In addition many patients tend experience unique benefits when taking them at home.
2.Lower Risk Of Infection &
3.Side effects such as intravenous Therapy/hospital stays
4.Better Cost management-Can be less expensive than admitted via-intensive care.

How Long Should My Course Continue

Dosages vary from individual needs and severity , But usually complete course range lasts should run between few weeks/monthly intervals depending on degree/impact assessment results your general practitioner provides.

Possible Risks Associated With Oral Antimicrobial Therapy

Please keep quite aware tat there are potential cons lurking around alongside the benefits earlier mentioned which tend to be widely advertised. Oral medications always carry a risk ranging from side effects due to improper dosage/common allergic reactions/breeding resistances on overuse to ineffectiveness — its important that patient is informed properly about taking the right course at times whilst monitoring for any concerning after-effects . Would not want end up with an adverse reaction now would we?


There we have it folks! Let’s summarize shall we:

If seen in it’s early stages,it remains quite safe and beneficial regarding chronic infections without having delved into full-blown necrosis, oral antibiotic therapy should most definitely make your treating physician’s short list of options whether alone or in conjunction w/ other treatments.


This post was aimed solely as general informational purposes, Do not attempt treatment based exclusively upon things you’ve read here please consult a professional beforehand. Thanks!

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