Can you thicken ensure?

Ahh, the age-old question – can you thicken Ensure? This seemingly simple query has been the topic of hot debate for years. But fear not my dear reader, for today we will finally put an end to this controversy once and for all.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the world of nutritional supplements and explore whether or not it is possible to thicken this beloved beverage.

What Is Ensure?

Before jumping right into how to thicken this beverage, let us first understand the foundation of what we’re dealing with here. Ensure is a popular meal replacement shake that contains essential nutrients and vitamins needed by our body. It is a product marketed towards individuals who may have difficulty eating full meals due to their busy schedule or health issues.

The brand boasts several types of drinks such as high-protein versions (for those looking to build muscle), clear drinks (ideal for people on low-residue diets) and regular meal replacement shakes which come in various flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry among others.

In short- if your diet lacks important nutrients or if you aren’t able to consume sufficient calories through food intake then ensure might be just what you need!

Why People Want To Thicken Ensure?

If you’ve ever tasted Ensure, then chances are high that you found its consistency way too liquid-like than desirable. Even though nutritionally speaking it’s excellent but many people find it difficult drinking something so thin frequently throughout their day.

And who can blame them really? A thick shake just feels more satisfying!

So from lactose-intolerant folks who use fillers like rice cereal or flour over milk powder in their nutritional shakes  to medical professionals administering via feeding tubes-thickening drinks seems like plausible solutions

Though naturally thicker supplement options exist they could cost significantly more than basic supplements like Ensure making homemade strategies appealing

This leads us back to the question – can you thicken Ensure?

Can You Thicken Ensure?

Well if you have come all this way hoping for a simple answer, then I have both good and bad news.

The bad news- thickening an Ensure shake is not as easy as putting your car into gear.
Now the Good News- It’s still possible!!

Option 1: Use Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a soluble fiber commonly used in weight loss supplements. It expands when mixed with water creating a thicker consistency that would be great for Ensure.

To thicken, add a small amount of glucomannan powder to your glass or shaker cup before adding the supplement mix. Mix it well and wait to see how the mixture reacts (wait atleast a minute) If it doesn’t look thick enough try gradually adding more while mixing thoroughly until desired thickness is reached! Though if too much Glucommanin
is used make take already resistant liquid straight into jello territory!

Be warned do not use xantham gum instead of glucommnan due to its high salt content which could cause stomach problems.

Option 2: Use Cornstarch

Another option to consider is using cornstarch.
Next time you are making pudding or cream sauce don’t throw away any leftover milk-cornstarch solution! This solution added witj suppliement will help slightly thicken your drink’ s texture!

Mixing watersoluble suspending agent such as unflavoured gelatin or agar cannot only thiken beverages but potentially assist users feeling fuller even further through protein digestion process and thus regain feedings consumed on regular basis

Another (less recommended) alternative that people sometimes utilize pertains introducing crushed biscuits first dissolved in warm water prior addition with ensure supplement

That being said, tread carefully when considering nonprofessional opinions regarding essentially medical topics such as this.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, though it is difficult to alter Ensure’s consistency without pulling out the lab equipment, all hope isn’t lost.  Glucomannan and cornstarch seem to come closest in changing Ensure’s texture HOWEVER it’s still important to consult with medical professionals like registered dieticians or nutritionalists for follow-up regarding dietary requirements while attempting homemade thickening methods

If you are a health-conscious individual who wishes for quality micronutrients replacement drink but don’t want the runny consistency then definitely give these thickening agents mentioned above a whirl!

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