Can you test your own cholesterol level?

Ah, the good old cholesterol test! An uncomfortable yet important task you can only do at hospitals, clinics or labs. But have you ever wondered “Can I test my own cholesterol level at home?”

The short answer: Yes! Yes! and…Yes!

Why is knowing your cholesterol level important?

First things first – we need to understand what cholesterol is and why it’s so important for our bodies.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by our liver that helps build cells, make hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, digest food and vitamin D.

But too much of a good thing – in this case, too much LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol also known as ‘bad’ cholesterol accumulates inside our veins and arteries. This leads to several life-threatening conditions including strokes and heart attacks.

Therefore it’s necessary to monitor your blood lipid profile, which checks levels of total cholesterol (LDL + HDL) along with triglycerides.

Let’s get crackin’ on how you can check your juicy stats:

Option 1: Go Old School & Use A Home Cholesterol Meter

Most people don’t know but these are readily available online starting from around $100-$200 dollars depending upon features required like instant results via an App or not.

Here’s all that you’ll need if you go down this route:

  • A lancet device
  • Test strips
  • A meter

Plus remember reading instructions thoroughly before even THINKING about taking out blood from any part of your body. Please!
Once through those pesky instruction booklets it gets pretty simple:

1). Start with cleaning the fingertip where blood will be extracted.
2). Load up the lancet device.
3). Press against skin till there’s a tiny prick then rub finger gently on cotton pad till drops start forming
4). Grab a thin, rectangular test strip and touch the absorbent pad to collect blood droplet.
5). Place/record the strip in meter which will then evaluate your cholesterol level.

Option 2: Hit Up Online Testing Websites

For those that don’t want to mess around with DIY medical tasks – there’s an easier solution!

Several accredited testing websites offer direct-to-consumer cholesterol tests where they send you a home collection kit. You’d have to give it back through their courier service though. Just tell these generous folks when urine or stool samples wouldn’t suffice for testing needs:
– Go online and order
– Receive products (usually within two days)
– Collect sample using provided materials
– Drop off at nearest mailing facility/device
And voila! The results get displayed on your web portal once received anywhere between 1 day from drop-off until 48 hours later dependant upon processing frenzies of course.

How Accurate are Cholesterol Home Test Kits?

Now we know how accessible it is correct? But are these tests accurate?

Well, mostly yes they’re pretty darn reliable if used accurately but, depending upon location used or inaccuracies in reading either by user error or device issues may cause certain abnormalities. So always read instructions properly.

Some direct-to-consumer website also offer test concierge services as well for interpretation just like my grandparents would rather visit their crooked witch-doctor physician for quick prognosis; so nothing really new here!


There ya’ go friends – that was all about checking your own bad-boy amounts via chappies coming down straight from senior year Chemistry class – chemistry analyzers I mean!.

But reality check time-kits can’t spot any underlying ailments such as familial hypercholesterolemia conditions which need more specialized testing requiring complete lipid profile analysis with certified experts prescribe medication/personalized diet plans with stressful expensive drill down to ramp up killer lipids.

Nonetheless, keeping track of your own cholesterol numbers is still a smart choice for anyone concerned about their cardiovascular health. And taking initiative in improving our cardiovascular health can prompt long-term benefits such as the Herculean task of prolonged Life – so definitely shoot!

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