Can you take the morning after pill too early?

The morning after pill is a quick and easy way to prevent pregnancy, but if you take it too early, it may not be effective. In this article, we will explore whether or not taking the morning after pill too early is possible and what you should do if it happens.

What Is the Morning After Pill?

The morning after pill – also known as emergency contraception – is a type of birth control used to prevent pregnancy in women who have had unprotected sex. It’s taken orally within 72 hours of sexual intercourse to reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

There are two types of morning after pills: levonorgestrel (Plan B) and ulipristal acetate (Ella). Both work by preventing ovulation or fertilization.

When Should I Take It?

The sooner you take the morning-after pill after having unprotected intercourse, the greater its effectiveness. The ideal time frame for taking either Plan B or Ella ranges from immediately following sex up until three days later depending on which one you’re taking.

However don’t worry if these deadlines are missed; both can still offer some degree of protection even when taken up to five days afterward.

Important: Keep in mind that neither option works once an egg has been fertilized already!

Can You Take It Too Early?

Taking Plan B more than 5-7 days ahead (even three)of ovulation occurs might mean that there won’t be any hormones remaining at peak levels during their most fertile time – thus reducing how well they protect against pregnancy post-sex act even further! With so many factors affecting when exactly someone’s period takes place each month though… determining when “being late” actually lands can prove difficult pretty quickly here.

If you happen upon good reason suspecting that’d seem highly unlikely for instance like having forgotten about isn’t uncommon, just to double-check versus risking an unwanted pregnancy.

What Happens If You Take It Too Early?

If you take the morning after pill too early, it may not be effective. This is because the hormones in the pill need to be at a certain level in your body to work effectively. Taking the medication before ovulation and egg fertilization has occurred can increase chances of getting pregnant even if this isn’t always guaranteed (due differences from one woman’s cycle compared another’s.)

It’s important that you wait until you’ve had unprotected sex before taking the morning after pill so that all necessary benefit points are achieved accordingly; moreover timing matters!

How Effective Is It?

When taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, Plan B can reduce your risk of pregnancy by up to 89%, while Ella is more highly potent with its success over shortening window close to about 98%! However… these numbers both decline greatly as time passes after having sexual contact takes place.

However do not rely on either contraceptive method solely for preventing STD transmission though – condoms and other options should still always act complementary towards working well enough together than using them apart ever could achieve alone themselves due their distinct limitations inherent within each category mutually altogether standing firm protectively against unintended insemination successfully reliably every single time without fail!

Can I Take It Multiple Times?

While technically there are no dangerous health consequences for doing so, correctly administering any version consistently beforehand will provide greater overall protection against unintended pregnancies!

Despite research proving how useful certainly hoped for proving longer term anyways – partial inhibition relative strategies decrease significantly subsequent repeated usage beyond times separate cases being typically considered efficient manageable places indeed… better opportunities might come around such as selecting alternative contraception methods vs depending just plans or medications alike when preparation ahead starts preemptively done rather than feeling reactive emergent conditions instead then forced begin without giving full attention deservedly upfront sufficiently aligned adequately communicated upon mutual consideration comprehension shared between partners in advance earlier dates.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Plan B will begin working as soon as you take it, while Ella may take up to five days to become fully effective (buuuut there’s a catch: remember certain restrictions that apply regarding daily food/vitamin interaction specifically surrounding chemicals within).

If taken during ovulation though – end result likely reduced effectiveness due abnormalities hormonal progression influenced negatively from body which could thereby increase overall rate potential success accordingly.

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What Are the Side Effects?

The side effects of the morning after pill vary depending on which type you take. Common symptoms include nausea, bloating, cramping or breast tenderness…which all sound rather less fun than parasailing through the Caribbean atop whale-like sea turtles!

Less commonly reported instances might also occur related unwanted outcomes experienced post-usage includes chills/fever – but be sure keep those other more concerning signs mind so nobody ends up being needlessly alarmed with worries over getting surprising complications develop unwittingly long afterward.

If serious concerns arise around underlying issues besides just plain old unlucky unwelcome side-fruits revealing themselves uniquely differently proceeding respective incident occurrences investigated earnestly by someone knowledgeable beyond individual action levels performed personally might glimpse better perspective enlightened way potentially affording greater beneficial insight inform what steps ought taking next if said heath risks appear ominously threatening potential longer term consequences respectively meaningful impact wider society seeing both improve proportionately onwards forward advancement trends foreseeable tomorrow’s healthcare systems more reliable secure stable even amidst turbulence awaiting us ahead destinedness uncertain at times.

Bottom Line

When it comes to taking the morning after pill, timing is everything. You should wait until you’ve had unprotected sex before taking it to ensure that it will work as intended primarily depends upon other factors including which product best suitability aligns long term health objectives agreed upfront between licensed actives supporting informed decision making proven effective in every way possible throughout ones couples reproductive life cycles altogether maintained stability even potential chaos unwelcome surprises always lurking hazardously beneath surface at any moment desiring control over own destiny wisely yet peer-reviewed studies assessing accurate projected benefits/cost ratios signify both financial economical relief greater personal satisfaction leading fuller lives achieved by committing oneself wholeheartedly pursuing wholeness stemming from sharing intimacy experience another willing participant freely consented during most appropriate contexts feasible encounter conceivable… fingers crossed!