Can you take short naps with contacts?

Contacts are a fantastic invention. They allow people with vision impairments to see the world around them without wearing bulky glasses that provide limited peripheral vision. If you wear contacts, it’s possible you’ve wondered if it’s okay to take short naps while still wearing them. The answer is yes… kind of.

So, Can I Nap While Wearing Contacts?

Yes and no. It depends on how long your nap is going to be and what type of contact lenses you have in your eyes.

Soft Contact Lenses

For those with soft contact lenses about one hour or less, there should be no problem taking a short, but refreshing nap without any adverse effects afterwards – besides the usual grogginess, that is- BUT! This only applies as long as you don’t make napping into an everyday habit; Sleeping regularly with contacts can lead to dryness issues that could get seriously complications piling up- we’re talking pink eye here!

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

If instead they’re fabricated from durable materials such as RGD, we urge you not indulge in short sleepy sessions -It spells discomfort like nobody’s business on the other ending-, because doing so could cause unseen swelling in eye tissues due amassing fluids under/around hard-contact lenses — after laying down their curvature may turn out too flattly uniform for proper oxygenation by surrouding tears-. Enough time will elapse between sleeps starts and ends for this sorta eventuality occur whether user experiences symptoms at waking stage or not.

In general terms though replacing uncomfortable lens material poses itself best strategy.

Even if your sleep lasts less than an hour(which would really just count more like a wink rather than complete slumber) keeping them upon drifting off decreases oxygen supply provided through natural tear flow creating some irritation during awakening process/resulting redness clearly visible in whites.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Then of course, if you have extended wear contacts that can be worn for a week or even up to 30 consecutive days without removal- beware: They’re more permeable than any other type, leaving them in overnight is likely not recommendable due heightened risk for bacterial infections and hypo-oxygenation risks- taking naps on these type is also up a no-go since they don’t allow enough oxygen to penetrate through anyway.

Uncommon Measures

If the occasion arises and one must sleep with contacts on and has not brought contact lens drops or cup/bowl with saline water nearby(Maybe stranded during hiking/camping trips), one may use household items like coconut oil carefully infused (Boil lightly then strain) as a comfortable medium whilst vising dream town – it’s proven that using oil drops at night inside eyes enhances extension of soft-contact lifespan.

Why Is Sleeping While Wearing Contacts Bad?

It’s simple: Your eyes need to breathe too! Leaving contacts in place while sleeping impedes your eyes’ ability to get vital oxygen which can lead to more serious problems including corneal neovascularization (where blood vessels grow into the clear part of your eye). This isn’t just uncomfortable; it could permanently damage your vision!


Perhaps one of the most menacing consequences from snoozing with lenses adhered onto corneas, Abrading motion created by blinking as we rest makes hosting bacteria residue residing on fingers/contacts outer shells challenge coating inner eyelid skin undetected!, resulting redness itching stinging are just precursors included but far worse issues attend development from Eye Ulcers / Keratitis= $$$$$ medical evaluation/treatment dollars have got us shaking our heads stupidly knowing well only precaution/prevention protocols should have been taken instead!.

How Can I Make Sure My Eyes Stay Healthy?

First things first, don’t make a habit of napping with contacts in- Make sure to remove them before you lay down for some shut-eye unless you have extended wear contact lenses, which contain the ability to breathe through corneas throughout repeated cycles.

If you do accidentally fall asleep while wearing your contacts, give your eyes a break and invest in eye drops or artificial tears. Lubricating drops can soothe irritation allowing natural tearing cycle frequency rejuvenation desired – multitudinous OTC products from convenience stores like Walmart / Walgreens can satisfied.- Remember: prevention is always better than cure, taking relatively easy steps saves lots trouble later!.

Here are some essential tips that will help keep your eyes healthy:

#1 Wash Your Hands Before Applying Contacts

Wash thoroughly – preferably antibacterial soap applied along nails/entire hand area -before attempting insertion/removals sessions since bifurcated edges too small pieces missing from fingernails as well remaining moisture unsanitary behaviors could lead detrimental consequences prominent when mixing fingers/mucous membranes together.

#2 Go Shallow during application

To prevent irritating delicate surface areas inside exterior eyeballs edge-pulling using suction cups provided often prove effective enough removing then inserting at shorter than moderate distances altogether without snatching/poking these organs themselves carelessly.

Uncommon Solutions?

Create favorable conditions by drying residual water (Do so following previous instructions), after placings gently finger glide over making lens cover space requirements lest occlusions appear.

Instead of buying those expensive branded lens cleaning solutions everyday, one may soak them semi-permanence saline solution infused with gentle disinfectant every once/twice week periods. Hydrogen Peroxide instead saltier formula purified (<0.05%) avoids strong chemical reactions purest replenishing surfaces analogous perfectly harmonizing atomic homogeneity embedding itself into equilibrium solvation and proton transfer processes!

Never forget friends.. Lenses Aren’t Forever

Maximizing their use is subject to how well we store/clean them each day, for survival-of-the-fittest-esqueness in contact lenses means only best-treated ones keep follow us around longest. So even if they claim to have lasted more than it would usually, taking preventative measures always enhance hygiene&healthiness of eyes -washing hands upon handling/applying/removing/in cleaning never fails-.

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