Can you take milk thistle at night?

Milk thistle is extremely supportive to the liver. It is safe to be taken over long periods of time by itself. If you take 3 tablespoons of the crushed up seed in the morning and 3 at night you will notice an increase in energy in 3 days of taking it because your liver will be functioning that much better.

When is the best time to take milk thistle? Since milk thistle can be taken on an empty stomach, you can take it first thing in the morning. Some people believe that if you take it when your stomach is empty then it will work faster. However, you can also take it with a meal. You can take milk thistle in capsule form or in liquid extracts.

Is it good to take milk thistle for alcohol? Milk Thistle is a popular herbal remedy that may be beneficial for those who overindulge in alcohol. One of the biggest dangers of excessive drinking is liver damage.

How often should you take milk thistle for liver cleansing? That means that if you’re taking medications processed by the liver, there might be some interaction. The evidence for milk thistle’s liver cleansing properties comes mainly from traditional medicine. If you would like to try a liver cleanse with milk thistle, we recommend taking it every day for at least two weeks.

Are there any side effects to milk thistle? There are a number of potential unwanted side-effects that people may experience while taking milk thistle including: * Allergic reactions. Those individuals who are allergic to ragweed should avoid using milk thistle. Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding are advised against using this type of herbal remedy.

How long should a person stay on milk thistle?

How long should a person stay on milk thistle? Milk thistle may be beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis, liver disease, and ulcers, but duration of treatment varies. According to a study conducted by Dr. Peter Ferenci at the University of Vienna, daily dosages of milk thistle are safe for up to 41 months .

What are the risks of taking milk thistle long term? Those allergic to the plant: Milk thistle may cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to the Asteraceae / Compositae family of plants. People with diabetes: The blood sugar-lowering effects of milk thistle may put people with diabetes at risk of low blood sugar .

How much milk thistle can you take a day? Supplement Form. As a way to detoxify the body temporarily, the recommended daily intake of milk thistle is 150 milligrams, taken one to three times daily.

Is it safe to take milk thistle every day? Milk thistle is considered safe in dosages of 420 mg/day orally in divided doses for up to 41 months. One source suggests daily doses of 12 to 15 g of dry fruits for dyspepsia and disorders of the biliary system, while an extract containing 200 to 400 mg/day of silymarin is considered effective in various liver disorders.