Can you take elderberry with eliquis?

If you are among the growing number of people who have been prescribed eliquis, and also enjoy popping some supplements such as elderberry, you may wonder if there is any interaction between the two. Well, while people pile up theories on both sides of the coin about whether or not these can be used together safely, it has never been more important to separate facts from fallacy.

What is eliquis?

Before we delve into anything else: for those who don’t know what’s really in your pill bottle
Ellipsis (Aka apixaban) is an anticoagulant that’s meant to prevent blood clots amidst patients with atrial fibrillation (heart arrhythmia), pulmonary embolism (clotting in a lung artery), deep vein thrombosis; and post-surgical prevention of these conditions.
The tablet works by inhibiting clot formation factors hence allowing proper flow throughout blood vessels etc.

Elderberry…what’s this now?

Elderberries happen to be purplish-black produce originating from trees known scientifically as Sambucus nigra.This wild berry has grown trendy globally thanks to numerous medicinal medicinal & culinary awards Like syrups,jams {natural sweeteners} tinctures [herbal extract]making it nothing short of versatile.Having claimed fame over perks ranging appropriate immune system boosting benefits right down to combating flu symptoms since centuries,you find them mostly used during cold season.Cough cough


  • Phytochemicals
  • Flavonoids
    both great at fighting diseases

Can they work well Together?

This should most definitely be obvious..
There have been few preliminary studies linking The possibility for one compound being able amplify effects of other drugs but..there doesn’t exist comprehensive research illustrating any harmful tendencies concerning Elderberries-&Eliquis having side effects simultaneously.However,before deciding to join the two: speak with your doctor.Underlining point being that every situation differs based on numerous biological factors ranging from our overall health histories down to current prescriptions,there’s always potential risks involved if not studied deeply.
As a result of this,it is wise for one to seek professional advice concerning “what’s” off limits before taking other medications.


When you take eliquis,your body can be subject to adverse reactions e.g. Bleeding,nephritis.Another major important risk comes when taking food items or drugs categorized as blood thinners in conjunction hence tips the balance-the reason why it won’t harm talking yo your physician
Additionally remind yourself of things that have already shown interaction such as Aspirin natural derivatives like Garlic-ginger-everything nice.On top of these keep an eye out for allergies upon consumption!..

Benefits of elderberry

Before we actually give insight into combining,Sambucus nigra does play vital roles in certain medical situations.And.. despite all hearsay regarding the notion some supplements might suggest severe health turmoil;Sambucol[enzyme found within Elderberries]among others has been scientifically proven effective against ailments,so providing evidence formulated solid data indicating its efficacy

  • antioxidant support{cancer-fighting}
  • Loads Of Vitamin C
  • Fights Flu/Cold symptoms
    immune system boosting benefits,

To Sum It Up:

Whenever starting any supplementary protocol while under prescription meds regime ,one should heed caution-and note what they are ingesting prior.Sure there seemsto be insufficient evidence pointing towards danger but isn’t better safe than sorry? Elderberries contain compounds which may cause laxative effects when taken in excess amounts [allergic hypertensive episodes] (especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding) thus keep these things in mind.Backed by positive feedback globally,i mean those looking forwardto reaping medicinal benefits stand less apprehensive towards Elderberries..but consult..always consult, then take that a step further to avoid consuming too many pharmaceuticals,maybe switch things around for safer well-being.

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