Can you revive dried up contact lenses?

As a contact lens wearer, have you ever found yourself in the following scenario? It’s the morning after an epic night out with your friends, but when you reach to put your contact lenses on, you find them dry and crumpled up. Panic sets in as they are unusable for obvious reasons (not like it happened to me…).

Nowadays there is nothing worse than having to resort back to glasses- it completely throws off my look. At that point, I started wondering if there was any way of reviving dried-up contacts without throwing them away or causing harm to your eyes?

Luckily, we are here for those people who dread those sort of mornings!

The Process

Let’s delve into some methods people might use in resurrecting their contacts!

Saline Solution

This method has worked for many because saline solution helps provide moisture which will essentially rehydrate the lens allowing you wear them once again (we’re basically performing miracles here).


  1. Remove both contact lenses from their case.
  2. Clean using saline solution.
  3. Place each lens inside a clean case covered with fresh saline solution overnight.

You’ll wake up amazed at how reborn these bad boys are (or not…remember this article doesn’t guarantee success).Okay maybe “amazed” was slightly over dramatic.

Eye Drops

Our eyes produce tears naturally which allow our contacts lenses to glide smoothly around our eyeballs keeping us comfortable – so eye drops may just do that job perfectly fine.

Whilst eye-drops aren’t typically used solely as a revival method (compared tot he likes above), putting two-three drops could still save your day by providing temporary relief until better options can be accessed!


  1. Firstly confirm whether or not the eye-drop contents are compatible with soft and hard-type contacts
  2. Dilute a few drops of eye-drops into cocktail saline solution
  3. Soak the lenses for 10 minutes or so

Tissue Method

This method should only be used as an emergency last resort option because it will essentially ruin your contact, reducing the life-cycle.


  1. Smear some saline solution onto a tissue paper
  2. Place the contacts in-between damp tissues and run through them gentle like.
  3. Moisture absorbed to rippled surface might take nearly three hours which time you shouldn’t wear contacts //A straightfprward technique no?


There are actually quite a few methods that can be utilised whilst thinking about how to revive dry eyes in context (who knew!) Saline solution seems more effective compared with other techniques I listed-quality over quantity right?

Eye doctors may recommend hard lens users adopt either MiraFlow, Boston Simplus or sterile hydrogen peroxide solutions rather than saline when attempting revival for their hard type ones but investing directly into those could come across pointless regards those possessing soft lenses.

As mentioned earlier, don’t use any aggressive chemicals such as tap water (Holy moly this is important! Those bacteria germs aren’t playing around!). Reviving dried up contact lenses kills two birds with one shot if done correctly- firstly saving you money by delaying needing new replacements and secondly contributing towards environmental efforts via decreasing yearly waste accumulation due contacting picking habits!