Can you pop pimples on accutane?

Are you struggling with acne and looking for a solution? Have you heard of Accutane? It’s a powerful medication used to treat severe acne that doesn’t respond to other treatments. But, just like any other medication, it comes with its own set of rules and restrictions. One of the most common questions people ask about Accutane is whether they can pop pimples while taking it. Let’s dive into this topic in-depth!

What is Accutane?

First things first, let’s understand what Accutane is all about! Accutane (generic name: isotretinoin) is a form of vitamin A that reduces the amount of oil released by your skin’s oil glands and helps your skin renew itself more quickly.

It has been prescribed since 1982 as an effective treatment plan for treating severe nodular acne that won’t go away after trying massive amounts drugs such as antibiotics [^1]. Also used for related retinoids side effects due to cuts such as advanced keratosis, granuloma annulare or systemic lupus erythematosus,[^2] though it requires adult patients understanding using multiple forms birth control during treatment.

Doctors prescribe it in rare cases only when others don’t work because unlike all other pills out there; including herbals; product needs high precautions against sex life safety & pregnancy prevention. So before planning pregnancy/sexual interactions look up alternative solutions.

How Does It Work?

When taken regularly over several months on dermatologist instructions, isotretinoin produces long-term remission( somewhere around 80%)[ ^3], reducing inflammation from trapped sebum (oil secreted by our body naturally). Isotretinoin also slows down oil-secreting cells production[ ^4] – something which ultimately shrinks down those pesky pimples we acquire during hormonal changes.

Why is Accutane So Regulated?

Now that you understand what Accutane does, it’s important to know why it’s so highly regulated. This drug has some serious side effects and can cause severe damage if abused or taken incorrectly. Therefore, several FDA regulations are imposed upon its usage in order to protect the patient from any harm possible [ ^5].


The dosage quantity varies; however beginner’s treatment plan usually starts with 0.5mg per Kg of body weight daily[ ^6]. Too much overdosing could give results as harmful as hair loss and too little would invite slow progress beneficial for patients

Blood Tests & Monitoring

Though there might not be immense need for getting blood tests done during regular acne pills prescription cases, when assigned Isotretinoin blood monitoring becomes a necessary step on-the-go because of the frequent essential complications taking place such as high levels of triglycerides [ ^7]

No Pregnancy Allowed!

One of the biggest reasons Accutane is heavily regulated is due to its potential to cause birth defects – even many years after stopping the medication!^[^8] Though each state has their own set-up/ requirements for doctor appointments/laboratory paperwork/etc., most doctors agree that all female users must use two forms( ideally contraception & abstinence together) rather than just one form at a time (pill)

Can You Pop Pimples on Accutane?

Now let’s get back to our original question: Can you pop pimples while taking accutane? The short answer is NO! “Do Not Touch” (DOT)[^9] Avoid picking popping zits regularly takes intense self-control- but did anyone ever consider how difficult doing so without experiencing stingy pain/swelling/untimely bleeding would be?? Taking precautionary measures should therefore become an intuitive part of skincare routine- touching acne-prone skin every time one can’t resist the urge to pick on it solely promotes spreading (or cross-contamination) of bacteria from fingers to other parts of faces having higher potential for upcoming breakouts.

Why Should You Avoid Popping Pimples on Accutane?

Accutane makes your skin extremely fragile: Everything from shaving around acne-prone areas to scrubbing sensitive skin too hard with aggressive exfoliants & pore strip packs is extremely likely cause damage, although the mistreatment may not be as observable till much after[ ^10]. This collateral does mean that popping pimples whilst taking this medication is literally asking for more trouble- Acne healing progress gets severely interrupted, and moreover openning or using any sharp objects while dealing with closed comedones disorders such as cysts over face would only create massive trauma[ ^11].

Moreover popping/picking heavy doses already containing substances supplements like isotretinoin mixed within them,can multiply scarring risk in long run .Considering that elevated oil production ultimate goal should be controlled; therefore including at-home tips/using medicines prescribed by doctors if there’s an inflamed bump would prevent random injuries caused by nails.

Also remember: Sometimes even waiting 2-3 days before deciding anything productive will automatically contribute positively towards reducing inflammation.[^12]

Tips for Dealing With Acne While On Accutane

If you’re struggling with severe acne during your Accutane treatment plan but can’t pop those pesky zits away, what are you supposed to do? Fear not – we’ve got some tips!

Keep Your Face Clean

Your daily regimen must begin by cleaning one’s complexion twice a day with hydrating face washes best formulated using natural ingredients containing mild surfactants effective enough turning off unnecessary microbial activity targeting sebum buildup without compromising moisture levels [ ^13]! Even gentle cleansers Lenseb Ragged Relax dont let excess dirt accumulation deposits remain over skin during excessive physical activities.

Moisturize Your Skin

It doesn’t seem to matter what type of complexion one has[ ^14], the dryness phenomenon common in isotretition users creates tight & uncomfortable feel sensation that too for long durations unless using a good moisturizer, which after mixed mixing along with serums (ask your derm who instructed you about accutane) keeps it hydrated preventing premature aging effects [ ^15].

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

One thing Accutane does is make your skin very sensitive to sunlight. This increases the risk of sunburn or other damage caused by UV rays, hence adding UVA-UVB SPF atleast 30 steps into Must-do list for most patients; this detailed skincare tip ensures those already struggling with acute inflammation but dreaming glowing radiance annually year-round can have right precautions taken against severe permanent photo-damage occurring years later[^16]

Stay Hydrated & Maintain a Healthy Diet

Drinking plenty of water is an essential role played on-isotretinoin while trying as much as possible providing important vitamins and supplements via citrusy fruits, starchy veggies + lean proteins less processed food consumption options making sure all parts cells receive necessary nutrients found only in wholesome nourishing eating habits[ ^17]. Although avoiding fast food/takeouts may be difficult few times we recommend not backing down from efforts toward allowing internal health to skyrocket!


There’s no denying that Accutane can be extremely effective at treating acne – when used properly under doctor’s supervision. Since popping pimples could cause more harm than good whilst taking Isotretinona medication like Accutane; take our tips regarding healthy kitchen cabinet grab nutrition choices/quality sleep/several fluids intake/hygiene maintenance into proper consideration following dermatologist advice if available![^18] Though simply changing diet and getting enough rest won’t result in smooth complexions as quick comparatively,[^19] incorporating tips mentioned can assist any man or woman not only feel better, but look pristine too for longer.

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