Can you pass kidney stones through poop?

As a proud owner of a human body, you might wonder if it’s possible to pass kidney stones through poop. Before we dive into the meat (and stone particles) of this topic, let us take a moment to appreciate just how wondrous our bodies are. They can do amazing things like heal broken bones and grow tiny humans inside them. But sometimes they also produce rock-hard bits that make you feel like your insides are hosting their own miniature Game of Thrones.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are hard deposits made from minerals and acid salts in urine – yes, urine. They can form anywhere within the urinary tract system – kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra. These painful pebbles come in various shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common is inflicting colossal pain as they travel through your bodysplumbing.

The Woes Of Passing A Kidney Stone

Imagine having little microscopic daggers marauding around inside you for days on end! That’s what passing a kidney stone can feel like. From excruciating pain during urination to bloody urine or even fever—all being subjected at once—it’s no surprise why those who passed it describe it as quite possibly one unless alternative hell experiences known to man (not kidding)– but maybe I am? Life-saving hint: If perfect torture was needed for the devil himself due to some random divine occurrence of events; nephrolithiasis could probably fit the bill- ouch!

But…Can You Actually Pass It Through Your Poop?

This brings us back full circle – Can someone pass out these devilish stones via their dung hole? While there isn’t any scientific research exploring this exact question—we’re sensing potential missed opportunity here—there is anecdotal evidence suggesting that yes folks . You may defecate kidney stones. This is due to the fact that your digestive system and urinary tract are separate systems within your body, providing no literal intersection points along their respective gutters.

So It’s Possible, But How Does It Happen?

If you have small kidney stones that are 4mm or smaller in diameter, then it’s possible they could exit via defecation. Here’s how:
– Your kidneys filter waste products from your blood.
– These waste products combine with water in urine and pass through a narrow tube called ureter into bladder
– Stones formed in kidneys can move down with urine towards bladder and eventually deposit themselves there
– If these minuscule rocks travel through the bowels without damaging them as they go along (the colon), it is possible for them natural expulsion of solid waste later on.

However, if you had larger kidney stones—and I’m not talking about gems—we’re talking up to 6mm or bigger; passing one through poop would be like trying to shove an eight-foot-tall man into a Matchbox car p.s (not only impossible but also physically gruesome). In such cases surgery may become necessary.

The Normal Passage Route For Kidney Stone Removal

While kidney stone pooping remains theoretically possible according few anecdotal evidence – however amidst everything, this guy punctures (?) gallstones just by doing mid-air somersaults too so… Point being, its still less likely than going barefoot/outside wearing wet socks while fighting off sharks being ridden by bears. Therefore Experts recommend procedures like lithotripsy which uses waves targeting the rock-like objects from outside the body and harming little more than just leaving some microphone-sized vibrations on surrounding tissue.
A Visual aid depicting Lithotripsy Treatment

Lithrotripsy treatment

What Actually Happens When You Pass A Kidney Stone?

When you pass kidney stones naturally (excretion being passed via urine), it doesn’t mean the journey is a pleasant one but certainly, they can cause more damage if neglected altogether. The pain that arises from their formation and passage could lead to renal colic which is an emergency medical condition requiring immediate attention by calling your nearest ER immediately; complications like infection or obstructive symptoms leading to hydronephrosis can arise in those ignoring.
Selfcare tips include drinking lots of fluid avoid such occurrences – besides carrying out regular checkups with doctors before assessing need for treatment since chances for spontaneous change/evolution poses risk depending on size especially 3mm below cases are put under consideration.

Identifying Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

It’s crucially important to identify and treat kidney stone issues as early as possible: Here are some common indicators:
1. Abnormal sleep patterns due wide range of types of discomfort ranging from ongoing lower back pain through sharp localized stomach cramping alongside testicular/chest/thigh/groin pain among others.

  1. Blood creates traces colored liquid during urination together with other urinary abnormalities such frequent urges even when emptying bladder feels not completely done

If any potential signs exist for nephrolithiasis don’t hesitate seeking medial help.
One important note here: gallstones development versus its expulsion may differ greatly, so getting checked up thoroughly remains vital too


In short – Yes, passing out a kidney stone via the bowel route is hypothetically possible – whether practically achievable though appears rooted heavily in individual specific conditions amongst various theories floating around health circle; how else would people keep coming up ocean ghost stories/astronaut sightings?! Survival instincts play large roles our ability think through time space quantum entanglement realms.

Remember though 👉 Prevention is always better than Cure: Drink lots fluids!