Can you make a fist with a broken hand?

Picture this: you’re at the scene of an intense MMA fight between two competing champions. Sweat drips down their chiseled bodies as they trade blows back and forth, grunting with each impact. Suddenly, one fighter lands a powerful punch on his opponent’s hand which breaks it instantly.

What will happen now? Does he have any chance of victory? Can he make a fist with that broken hand?

If you find yourself in such a situation or simply curious about what would happen next, then read on for some useful insight into this entertaining topic.

Understanding How Bones Heal

Before we even answer that question, let’s dive briefly into the concept of how bones heal. Bones require time to regenerate and fuse together, forming new bone tissue during what is known as the “healing process.” This regeneration takes place when broken bones are immobilized and given support to protect them from further damage.

There are three different stages involved in fracture healing: inflammation (normally lasting up to four days), repair (also referred to as the soft callus stage) which can take several weeks or months depending on severity, followed by remodeling where muscle tissues replace damaged ones leading finally towards healed bones phewwww.

With that information under our belt (pun intended), let’s tackle whether someone can still make a fist if they have suffered from this injury & put your curiosity to rest.

A Recap Of The Situation

Let us do some quick recap first: If you break your metacarpals – those long thin bones extending from your wrist out towards fingers- It becomes nearly impossible for most people raise or clench their fists without feeling severe pain nor be able flex comfortably without experiencing extreme discomfort – let alone deliver another punch!

So does breaking one’s hand effectively end hopes of winning??

Not so fast!

There Are Exceptions To The Rule

While breaking a hand may make it difficult or impossible to clench a fist, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Boxers, martial artists and other combat sports that frequently involve extensive hand use have reported making fists after breaking them before. It almost seems like these fighters develop some superpower – But this is not true either; instead they fight through the pain in order not disrupt their adrenaline rush which improves during fights.

On another note: Someone who has sustained a broken wrist but hasn’t broken any of their fingers , will potentially still be able to make a fist once it’s healed

Rehabilitative Exercises Can Help Too!

Doctors might recommend access rehabilitation exercises to help regain strength & continue doing usual day activities such as making fists with little discomfort.

However though such programs would focus on improving flexibility and range-of-motion rather than rebuilding strength in ligaments- So while its possible for some people to maintain good function even when hit by injury, rehabilitating fractures can never actually heal bones completely , especially if you dont give your body enough time rest

## How Long Does It Take To Heal?

You cannot predict how long your bones take until they start recovering ?. Everyone’s healing process is different from others so anxiously lurking at story forums about remaining fascinated whether someone broke finger could return back into winning form often leads down fruitless path.

Given an average line of treatment one needs approximately around six weeks of recovery time which could vary depending on well your personal bone health status determines his/her rate!


In conclusion, whether someone with a broken hand makes or doesn’t make fists ultimately depends on severity and location of the fractured area.Notwithstanding , While certain individuals demonstrate incredible toughness empowering themselves despite all odds against them ! (Rocky!) – Doctors’ advice should always be followed whenever facing an injury in rescue trying times!