Can you live happily with a narcissist?

Are you in love with a person who’s obsessed with themselves? Do they only talk about themselves in conversations, and never seem to listen to you? Does their self-absorbed behavior make it hard for others around them to breathe? If this sounds like someone you know or someone you’re dating, then congrats! You may be living or soon living with a narcissist! But can life still go on as usual for the both of you without anyone losing their sanity?

Let’s dive into narcissism- from its signs, effects on younger people versus older ones and some possible outcomes that prove rather sobering.

Understanding Narcissism

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by grandiosity, lack of empathy for other people’s feelings; inability to accept criticism; tendency towards utilizing others – all polished off together quite nicely inside an individual overwhelmed by fantasy. As much such persons seem likeable upon first meeting them, within no time at all, it occurs abundantly clear how dangerous being around personalities such individuals get depending on just how entwined one might become.

But hold your horses before marking any pronouns yourself because let me tell ya guys: not every human out there diagnosed NPD falls under the archetype presented above.

The Charm of A Narcissist

Starting from The Great Gatsby himself down through Barney Stinson – our beloved TV crushes we keep lusting after kinda exhibited hints resembling normal human beings afflicted by something touching closely to narcissism. It takes more than charm alone to acquire lifelong followership though lest the fan girls will begin looking elsewhere once another bad boy swoops up their attention spans.

Despite most evidence showing an unfavorable outcome when living society filled out en mass-grouped narcissists, a few successful loving relationships exist where the core partner is able to successfully handle and manage sporadic episodes of this personality disorder. Which begs the question:

Maturity vs Narcissism

Is there such a thing as maturity in dealing with narcissistic behavior? In short, can older people deal better than younger people? It’s quite difficult understanding how humans who were once obsessed over themselves turned out exemplary upbringings without an abundance of follow-up questions enough for 60 minutes to become one hour more.

But handpicked online material suggests that older persons may have flourishing relationships despite high levels regarding self-centeredness within them or their partners – due impart towards years long learned coping mechanisms. Younger individuals might need time getting used to relating with others other than themselves which narcissism often denotes so it stands one must be prepared with love and kindness whenever entering into any kind of relationship.

Truly anything could happen yet still we advise exercising caution & participating only if fully confident you’re willing to put energy into making this work!

Some Possible Outcomes

Still in doubt about initiating bonds between unadulterated ego-centric beings + regular folks?

As promised earlier on, here are some outcomes worth pondering on before jumping head-on onto a sinking boat!

  • Becoming A Total Enabler: Being constantly reasonable amid bearable frustration does sometimes lead nowhere but rather turn lovers into enablers therefore inadvertently passing control onto personalities unlikely tp reciprocate warmth beyond what serves their selfish needs.

  • Abuse: This doesn’t always leave visible marks though leaving mental scars affecting all victims even after possibly seeking alternatives from daily harm experienced while living around unhealthy influences. Great care should naturally come first when inhabiting dimensions inhabited by these sorts while also planning ahead wishing prolonged happiness for concerned selves internally too!

  • Leading Two Different Lifestyles: The expectations most regular folk adapt largely differ from those found in cases of dealing directly amidst narcissistic persons. Constantly seeking personal gratification could lead to unreasonable expectations in similar school of thoughts given narcissists often seek instant satisfaction via different means altogether – so be discerning as never again before!

Enjoying the Ride

In conclusion, living with a narcissist can be challenging but not impossible – to say the least! If you love your partner and they are willing to work on themselves then being together might even make life more interesting or enriching down the road.

Whether it’s Barney Stinson or something else holding your hand across uncertain seas, always remember that whatever challenges two individuals face when coming from different backgrounds (or perspectives), there always exists smoother-sailing routes whenever open communication fuels interactions between lovers; enough openness needed if at all any genuine compatibility shall ever exist within respective personalities concerned.

And yes one last tip: Watch how things go lucky because in some instances sunshine may come parading while elsewhere the sun might just refuse shining making for another story!