Can you kill head lice eggs?

Are you dealing with pesky head lice and wondering if you can kill those little buggers’ eggs? Look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about eradicating these stubborn parasites.

What are Head Lice Eggs, and Why Are They So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Head lice are tiny wingless insects that feed on human blood. They lay eggs, known as nits, on the hair shafts close to the scalp. The female louse uses a sticky substance to attach each egg firmly in place.

Nits are very tiny; they’re about the size of a pinhead and have a yellowish-white coloration. Due to their small size and adhesive characteristics, getting rid of them is quite tricky.

If left untreated or inadequately treated, head lice infestation can lead to itching, skin irritation, anxiety issues for children going through it (which none of us want because raising kids already comes with a surplus amount of anxiety).

Does Killing Live Lice Also Mean Killing Nits (Lice Eggs)?

The short answer is NO!

Most over-the-counter treatments typically focus on killing adult head lice while failing utterly when it comes down to getting rid of eggs. These treatments may indeed kill hatched nymphs but prove ineffective against un-hatched ones – meaning they aren’t capable enough to make sure every single nit gets killed.

While there isn’t any 100% guaranteed way out there that assures complete eradication within an application itself, giving up should not be your option either.

Can Home Remedies Help Kill Head Louses And Their Nits?

Many online advice columns suggest home remedies like tea tree oil or coconut oil mixed with 50 percent vinegar working wonders against louses by suffocating them but also underestimating our inability to effectively get into all cracks and corners.

While these home remedies can provide temporary relief (hallelujah!), embarking on a more systematic approach is advisable to get rid of the problem altogether.

Can Chemical Treatments Kill Nits ‘Headlong’?

Yes! Many chemical treatments have the potential for eliminating head lice and their eggs. You need an effective solution that will kill head lice, repell re-infestation, while also being robust enough against nits.

Here’s a list of some popular choices in several formats – gels or sprays:

  • Permethrin
  • Malathion
  • Pyrethrum or pyrethrins

For combing out the remaining dead nits or dry skin flakes that may be lingering around your scalp region (and finalizing any pesky pest activity), make sure you procure a special nit comb specially designed with numerous fine teeth – carefully irritating possible eggs from hair shafts while maintaining top-notch hygiene standards throughout.

Hair Dryers: Alternative Solutions To Eradicating Lousy Situations!

A recent study conducted within the Indian Paediatric Journal suggests using regular heated hairdryers as essentially lethal weapons to obliterate undesired pests off one’s scalp(. This might just be our chance at getting revenge(no offence but they had it coming)!.

Just you ensure though that your dryer honors basic safety measures like not touching hot elements with bare hands during use and holding it approximately two inches away from both scalp and all surrounding surfaces.

As much as the buzz about fancy combs going technical is now becoming widely accepted by folks seeking comfort through technology even when ridding themselves free of pests moving forward, old school measures such as heat treatment definitely won’t hurt anyone who won’t take advice seriously anyway


Getting rid of head lice eggs indeed requires considerable effort and persistence but ultimately can be accomplished equally well by taking specific cleansing measures which include everything from using specialized shampoos and treatment-specialized hair combs to embracing more radical hot air blows.

Remember, diligence is key. And although some remedies prove ineffective in eradicating these nuisance-causing occupants of our scalp with the ability to spread infection majorly via everyday activities like sharing headwear or selfie sticks carrying an egg could end up costing us so much more than we anticipated(and trust me those parasites can’t afford gifts)!

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