Can you increase your milk supply after it decreases?

Hey there fellow milk makers, are you feeling a little less than milky lately? Don’t worry, every lactating mama has been there at some point. Whether your milk supply dropped after introducing solids or due to stress or illness (don’t worry, it wasn’t that glass of wine you had), the good news is that with commitment and effort, you can increase your milk supply naturally.

Understanding Why Your Milk Supply Dropped

Before diving into techniques for increasing your milk supply, it’s essential to understand why it may have decreased in the first place.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances happen to the best of us. If you’ve recently stopped breastfeeding overnight (we hope not), experienced a miscarriage or used hormonal birth control like the pill (thank goodness for condoms) , these factors could be responsible for dropping out on pumping sessions more frequently since they’ve affected hormone production and reduced prolactin levels.


It’s no secret that stress is an enemy of breastmilk production. So when life is getting chaotic around you – whether at home or work – chances are those mammary glands will run dry.

Lack of Rest

Yes mamas, taking care of yourself IS important! Six hours here and four there may feel manageable with new baby responsibilities creeping in; however this does affect our body functions enormously especially when trying to keep up with producing enough breastmilk to quench our babies thirsts!

Baby’s Age

When infants hit certain stages like growth spurts where they require more feedings than usual but if mommy refuses her rest because she wants all nighters they’re unaware shorter feeds would suppress further needs thus decreasing productivity – unless… moms its okay- unless we also make sure we restore ourselves by laying down ALOT OF REST😴

Now let’s get started with the techniques that can help increase your milk supply.

Techniques To Boost Milk Supply

Establish a Consistent Pumping Routine

With routine, consistency and commitment to daily pumping sessions for at least 15 minutes after breastfeeding or in-between feedings will tell you once and for all if breastmilk can be produced multiple times within less than an hour.

(Table with “Pumping Schedule Assistance”)

6 am -7 am Wake up time
8 am – 8:30am Breastfeed Baby
9:00-10:00am Start Work – Pump Session1
12pm-12:30 pm Breastfeed Baby
2:00-3pm Pump session 2

That’s it! Keep following this schedule everyday.

Stay Hydrated and Well-Nourished

Simple dietary changes like including oatmeal, veggies rich in antioxidants & good fats such as avocado or salmon dishes served instead of processed snacks (coffee is one), drinking enough water about eight glasses (add fruits for taste).

Make it a habit of taking frequent nutritious meals often close to every mealtime so you don’t lose too many calories which would definitely contribute to fuel shortages negatively affecting this whole project entirely!! You’ve had my warning ⚠️ .

Try Power Pumping

Power pumping simulates cluster feeding typically done during growth spurts where feeds are repeatedly timed closer together driving more demand for production from mammary glands as it mimics baby’s increased demands!

As the name suggests, power-pumping involves intense but controlled bursts; starting with ten minute pump sessions twice hourly leading up to thirty minutes set then finally alternating back-to-back pumps aka “power pumps” when cycle is complete⌛and there we have it!

Massage Your Breasts

It could sound weird or intimate but if you want to increase milk supply getting the “mammary highway” flowing quicker has its benefits! A gentle, circular massage starting at the breast base and moving towards the nipple conveys natural messaging for more production ⛽ whereby repeat use helpfully works out blocked ducts or any tender areas leading to an uninterrupted flow of lactate-rich secretion squirts 💦💨.


You can absolutely get your milk production back up with consistent pumping sessions including occasional power-pumping sprints even without all that junk food ;), stay hydrated and properly nourished plus completing self-breast massages.

Lastly when everything is not going well, don’t be afraid to ask those around for support as much as possible in making sure that you’re able to concentrate completely on increasing milk supplies ie: let someone else babysit while busy expressing this definitely considerably removes guilt trips too.

Happy Lactating Mamas😊

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