Can you have tonsillitis without tonsils?

Listen up, folks! We’ve got a burning question to answer today – can you have tonsillitis without tonsils? This is no small matter. Our health may be on the line here. Don’t worry though, because we’re going to cut through all the medical mumbo jumbo and give you some straight talk about what’s going on in your throat.

Sorry Charlie

First things first, if you had your tonsils removed then this whole article is irrelevant for you! You cannot get tonsillitis if you do not have your tonsils. So sorry Charlie, this isn’t the article for you.

For those of us who still have our two little lumps at the back of our throats or “Palatine Tonsil” as they are also known – let’s dive right into it!

What Actually Is Tonsillitis?!

Before we delve down further, let’s break down what exactly is this thing called “Tonsillitis”. According to Medical News Today (don’t pretend like that wasn’t one of your most visited websites), “Tonsillitis refers to inflammation of either or both pharyngeal tonsils (also called adenoids) or palatine tonsils.”

Now we know what it actually means but how does one contract such an inflamed situation…

How Do I Even Get It?

Some people believe only children catch these types illnesses…but alas tonislliar problems don’t discriminate based on age.
One way tonsil salutes its potential hosts include kissing someone who has droplets/coughed onto their hands and mouth area or being exposed in more public areas where there could be contamination/”germs” floating around like shared utensil usage (shudder) amongst other reasons.

But can someone still contract this problem even though their tonsils were removed? Hmm…

Can You Still Get Tonsillitis After Tonsillectomy?

Now, this is where it gets interesting! Surprisingly, some people who have had a tonsillectomy may still experience tonsillitis-like symptoms. Before you go racking your brains out on how that’s even possible… we’ll tell you.

Even though the name is “palatine tonsils”, in reality there are many different types of tissue inside your mouth and top throat area and sometimes little bits of those tissues can remain when having the actual palatine tonsils removed which may cause them to get inflamed.

Symptoms Of Tonsillitis

Listen up! Knowing if you’re experiencing Tonisllic (totally just made that one up!) pain will help understanding why it’s important to check with professionals for proper diagnosis.

Here are some common symptoms:

  • An extremely sore throat
  • Swollen glands around neck
  • High temperature / feverishness
  • Headaches and general body malaise
  • Difficulty swallowing or talking

But let me guess what question has been plaguing YOUR mind: ‘Can I develop these same yuppie flu symptoms without my precious tonsils?’ Oh boy.. here we go!

Is It Possible To Have Tonsillitis Without Your Actual Tonsils?

This might come as a shock but unfortunately no! Having “Tons…” in its name should give that fact away (hint). If someone truly experiences inflammation from elsewhere then they’ll be diagnosed with something more appropriate like Peritonsular abscess or Reflux Laryngologists otherwise known as Acid Reflux Disease … Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but at least now our terminology fans understand the jargon!)

To sum up: if anyone comes down unwell against infection/inflammation on pharynx(particularly adenoids), they have not acquired tonsillitis, they’ve got a different issue that has to be diagnosed and treated accordingly!

But If you are truly concerned, so give your doctor a visit. What could it hurt? Plus Doctor Google is gonna give wack DIY solutions like GARGLE BAKING SODA/YOGHURT/SALT WATER –sounds like fun but more mostly just time consuming (cue rolling of eyes)

Treatments Of Tonsillitis

Now we’re in the nitty-gritty! You don’t want to leave anything up to chance when dealing with something as tender (and painful) as inflammation in your throat region.

Here are some general treatments:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Take painkillers
  • Rest up (put on Netflix)
  • DON’T DO THIS WITHOUT DIRECTION: take antibiotics or antivirals if prescribed by medical professionals
    (a note from us “Netflix & Chill” fans––don’t forget your roommates too!)

Pro tip: along with plenty of water – Saltwater gargles might soothe/slightly assist recovery since salt had potential antibacterial features. But none of these replacements can guarantee relief similar the ones that comes from being under professional care.

Final thoughts…

In conclusion, having no tonsils means you cannot contract those little buggers known as tonsilitis but for the rest of us unlucky folk, at least there’s hope through proper diagnosis and treatment. Also next person who sneezes without covering their mouth properly owes 3 day apology lemonade cleanse/or ginger tea minimally !

Stay safe out there folks (and contain those germs!)

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