Can you have tonsillitis without tonsils?

Symptoms of tonsillitis without tonsils include coughing, ear pain, headache, bad breath and loss of appetite, etc. with sore throat as its typical symptom. It is worth noting that sore throat could also be an indication of other conditions apart from tonsillitis without tonsils.

What causes enlarged tonsils? However, tonsils and adenoids can become enlarged because they become infected with a virus or bacteria that cause throat infections (sore throat). In addition, allergies (such as seasonal allergies or year-round allergies), irritants, and, possibly, gastroesophageal reflux also can cause the tonsils and adenoids to enlarge.

What are the symptoms of swollen tonsils? Signs and symptoms of swollen tonsils. Common and typical signs and symptoms of swollen tonsils include sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and red and swollen tonsils. Other symptoms can accompany swollen tonsils including a high fever, coughing, headache, earache, general feeling of unwell, fatigue, low energy, swollen lymph nodes in the neck,…

What does a swollen tonsil look like? The tonsils or tissue like tiny growth on the inner throat becomes red and swollen. Sore throat, discomfort while swallowing, fever, body pain, enlarged lymph nodes of the neck, and yellowish or white patches on the tonsils are some of the signs of swollen tonsils. The entire throat area becomes swollen and red making it difficult to eat anything.

What causes strep throat to enlarge the tonsils?

What causes strep throat to enlarge the tonsils?

7 Possible Causes, According to Doctors

  • You’re fighting a virus. Viral tonsil infections are very common, says Clare Morrison, MD, general practitioner and medical advisor at MedExpress.
  • Strep throat is lurking. Though it’s not as common in adults, strep throat is a bacterial infection that can cause swollen tonsils and inflammation, says Dr.
  • Your tonsils need a good cleaning.
  • What are symptoms of bad tonsils? A tonsil infection can cause symptoms such as a sore throat, bad breath, fever and earaches. Red and swollen tonsils with white or yellow spots are commonly present and can be quite painful. Other symptoms include sleeping problems such as restlessness, snoring and waking up often.

    Is coughing symptom of enlarged tonsils? Children with enlarged tonsils or adenoids may have an abnormally shaped palate and position of the teeth. Children may also tend to breathe through their mouth. Enlarged tonsils can also cause nosebleeds, bad breath, and cough.

    What causes on Tonsil to swell up?


    • Acute tonsilitis. Viruses and bacteria can infect the tonsils, which may cause swelling and exudate – a gray coating that covers the tonsils.
    • Strep throat. Streptococcus pyogenes can infect the throat and cause the tonsils to swell and become inflamed.
    • Adenoviruses.
    • Epstein-Barr virus.
    • Influenza.
    • Measles.