Can you have molluscum and not know it?

No, not at all. Other than occasional itchiness, most kids don’t even know they have molluscum. The virus does not cause fever or any other symptoms. How Long Will It Last? Ah, well, here’s the annoying part. Molluscum lesions generally last for several months to several years.

What happens when you get molluscum from someone? When this happens, molluscum is considered a sexually transmitted infection (STI). When someone gets molluscum through sexual contact, bumps usually develop on (and around) the genitals. Sometimes, bumps also develop inside the mouth.

What does molluscum look like on the skin? Molluscum begins as white pin sized bumps on the skin often in clusters. Some may have turned red in transition to the next stage. These small bumps are difficult to see in normal light. You might have only a handful of beginning stage bumps or many hundreds on different parts of your body.

Can a person get molluscum contagiosum during sex? Molluscum contagiosum is extremely contagious, particularly with skin to skin contact. If you have signs of molluscum in the genital area, you can spread the virus to your partner during sex.

Is it bad to wax when you have molluscum? Waxing: Similarly, not only is waxing more painful when you have molluscum, but it is also riskier. The wax can spread the virus to other body parts, causing the bumps to appear and for the infection lifecycle to start over again.