Can you have bladder infection without fever?

We all know that feeling when you need to go and your bladder is screaming for relief. But what happens when that sensation turns into a firework show of pain? Yep, you guessed it – bladder infection. One of the most common infections out there, affecting mainly women, this pesky bacterium likes to spoil our day-to-day activities.

Now, let’s answer the golden question: can you have bladder infection without fever?

The Anatomy Of A Bladder Infection

Just like any other type of bacterial infection, a bladder one takes purely microscopic organisms on an adventure trip in our urinary tract. It attaches itself to the lining of our urethra or even further up the carriage until it too much bacteria accumulates for sensitive tissues.

But before we dive deeper into its not-so-amusing symptoms, let’s talk about why some people are more prone than others to get a UTI (urinary tract infection).

More Than Just Hygiene

Ladies who identify as “unluckier” than others often come across recurring episodes of bladder infections because their bodies are built differently than men’s – particularly when taking into account anatomy and physiology.

Hormonal changes during menstruation increase sensitivity in daily routines intimately linked with toilets;^1 add factors such as pregnancy or diabetes.^2

Notably lesser-known prerequisites might relate directly to urinating habits – no judgement here! BGOs (bathroom-going-observances) play a huge role in preventing unplanned evenings spent cringing while paying tribute at your porcelain throne.^3

Recognizing A Bladder Infection

Sometimes it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy (you’ll soon understand why I mention lemons), but sometimes every sign points towards another culprit ready to surprise us with even worse news i.e., kidney damage due to lack of diagnosis.

The signs vary from person to person, but you may experience:
– Burning or painful sensation while peeing
– Cloudy urine with an odd smell
– Feeling the urge to pee almost constantly
– Bladder cramps^4

Where’s My Temperature Gone?

At this point, we can slowly start answering our question. Remember those horrible infection chills? We all inevitably know that moment when feeling similar to the North Pole sounds pleasant in comparison.^5

But for some people out there (you lucky devils), a bladder infection won’t come hand-in-hand with pyrexia.^6 Do not get too excited though, as it doesn’t mean your immune system is preventing abuse from pesky bacteria; it’s only displaying symptoms differently.

Why Some People Won’t Get A Fever:

  1. Mild Infection: The equivalent of eating expired food and not getting sick.
  2. Previous antibiotic use masking fever symptom.
  3. Both bladder and kidney infections symptoms are combined so it isn’t immediately obvious if a patient has pyrexia – like trying to separate oil colours once mixed together.^7

So What Now?

It’s vital always to see your healthcare provider who will likely ask you home testing provided by most pharmacies before prescribing . But contacting them through phone call or virtual consultations might be more prudent given recent circumstances.

Bladder infections are treatable with frequent antibiotics over one-two weeks somewhere between corner shop yakult and organic açai bowel cleanse detox tea taste level depending on doctor recommendations.

Lastly just remember ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. If that fails then try cranberry juice – after all, why add plain boring water back into our body systems when we could opt-in for flavoured liquids straight from nature?

Please note this does not constitute health advice and is best discussed with relevant medical professional

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