Can you get sick if you stop smoking?

Smoking is one of the major evils that many people are struggling with. It’s addictive, harmful to health in numerous ways, and causes several diseases. Most smokers find it challenging to quit smoking due to various withdrawal symptoms such as coughing, anxiety, restlessness (among others), and fear of getting ill if they stopped smoking.

Nowadays, everyone around us is offering insights on how stopping smoking can increase lifespan; however (comma) none ever mentions that it could cause illness too! That brings us to one question: can you get sick if you stop smoking? Well (comma) let’s dive into this topic and unravel the truth behind this statement.

What Happens When One Stops Smoking?

Smoking has devastating effects on the body right from head to toe (in almost every part). The nicotine content present in cigarettes takes control over the brain by releasing dopamine upon inhalation which creates a mood boost or what we also know as euphoria among users.

When quitting cold-turkey (i.e., immediately without intending or preparing for potential obstacles), your brain would have depleted levels of dopamine resulting in withdrawal symptoms like depression, stress, lethargy etcetera, but these are only temporary side effects that appear when someone quits abruptly without professional help or support group intervention.

Benefits And Risks Of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting outnumber any risks involved as stated below:


  1. Lowered risk of lung cancer
  2. Improved breathing
  3. Reduced likelihood of heart disease
  4. Enhanced dental hygiene


  1. Weight gain
    2.Temporary irritability
    3.Intense cravings
    4.Nicotine-withdrawal symptoms/ tobacco-withdrawal syndrome

Can One Fall Ill After Stopping Tobacco Use?

It’s common knowledge that smoking is a significant cause of many diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease (among others) and its cessation can reduce the risk. However, it’s worth noting that just like any other withdrawal process, one may experience various physical symptoms after quitting cigarettes.

During this period after the last cigarette, several things happen within your body which includes:

  • Carbon monoxide levels decrease
  • Blood pressure improves
  • Oxygen intake increases

Also, according to WHO (World Health Organization) when you quit tobacco use quote: “the lungs begin repairing themselves 20 minutes after your last cigarette.”

Possible Physical Ailments One Might Get After Smoking Cessation

  1. Cold Symptoms

When you quit smoking, you increase airflow through your respiratory tract; however^(,) it makes irritants more accessible too. Therefore someone might get flu-like symptoms for several weeks or months, including coughing and increased mucus production.

  1. Skin Irritation/ Acne Breakouts

Nicotine affects blood flow hence when one quits smoking, there’s improved blood flow towards the skin surface resulting in itchiness and acne breakouts in most cases.

3.Metabolic Issues

Smoking influences metabolism rates by increasing appetite suppression ^(on top of harnessing weight gain). Nicotine speeds up metabolism rates where in some instances metabolic changes automatically take place once one quits smoking—weight-gain being an example of these metabolic changes mentioned earlier.

Can Stopping Smoking Cause Headaches?

Headaches occur commonly during a nicotine withdrawal phase! Your head feels foggy because blood vessels relax causing increased blood strain on brain vessels from low amounts or no nicotine at all — resulting in headaches that could range from moderate to severe intensity level.

A headache would have started anywhere between two hours to ninety-six hours post-the-abstention moment and lasted for almost four days!

Quitting Tobacco Is An Act Of Heroism In Contemporary Society

Nonetheless, quitting is indeed an act of heroism (comma) that improves on your health and success rate— endowing you with a greater life expectancy post-tobacco abstinence.

To answer the big question can one get sick if they stopped smoking? Yes! There are many physical symptoms, which could affect someone after they quit cold turkey (e.g., headaches) — Yet these moments last for only so long! It’s always worth risking weeks or days of discomfort in order to gain years upon years of healthy living. You deserve a healthier human experience; why not stop today?