Can you get ringworm in your eye?

Ahem. Excuse my expression, but the thought of having ringworm anywhere close to my eyes makes me cringe. For starters, what is it? Are we talking about actual worms that somehow find their way inside our eyeballs and start wriggling their way around? Eww.

But seriously folks, can you get ringworm in your eye? Let’s find out.

What is Ringworm?

First off, let’s get this straight: ringworm isn’t a worm at all, nor does it have anything to do with rings (unless they’re those weird ring-shaped rashes). In fact, it’s a fungal infection caused by dermatophytes – fungi that feed on keratinized tissue such as hair and nails.

Ringworm actually has several names depending on which part of the body it affects. When it appears on your face or neck, it’s called tinea faciei; if it pops up between your toes or fingers it’s known as athlete’s foot; when found on the scalp then tinea capitis comes into play.

So why call something ‘ring’-‘anything’??

Because ring-like rashes are one of its defining features – They’re typically circular with distinct outer edges while gradually fading towards its center; However don’t be quick to judge and misdiagnose just based solely upon looks alone as other viral infections such as Impetigo manifest similarly too… All while looking not dissimilar from well-placed pizza slices on human flesh

However usually marked by distinctive yet circular lesions arranged over a wide area often associated with itching…

Can The Eye Catch It Too?

Now back to why we’re here : whether one could wind up getting an eye full of ring-worm formation.. Unluckily yes! RingWorm associated symptoms may include conjunctivitis among many others from scalp infections.

This condition is called tinea keratitis, And yes it’s still caused by dermatophytes that just happen to hopscotch their way into your eye instead of taking root on your skin or nails (thank you fungal kingdom). It requires medical attention because if left untreated, tinea keratitis could lead to blindness and corneal scarring.

Symptoms of Tinea Keratitis

pictured below – ringworm in a human eye

  1. Redness
  2. Swelling
  3. Sensitivity to light
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Eye secretions

Now let me be frank here: these symptoms don’t sound fun at all! They’re similar ones experienced when one suffers an infection in this sensitive part of the body Too often people self-diagnose themselves with inconclusive signs though each person’s immune system may produce differing discomforts which can spread quick & easy through contact so best steer clear…(people are walking petri dishes after all)

What Causes Tinea Keratitis?

The same type of dermatophyte fungus responsible for itching athletes foot; jock itch; and nail Yeast Infection can cause tine kelretitis among other fungi related conditions.

Typically, the fungus reaches the eye by peddling its way through contaminated items like towels or sometimes even filthy contact lenses causing bio-transmission between various surfaces including carrier agents (living things) Aahh.. Scary!

Furthermore those who’ve been affected once as always more likely susceptible again – prevent earlier strikes with better hygiene habits sanitize environments throughout regularly vacuum carpets often air rooms daily providing natural sunlight exposure frequently swapping out personal accessories such as handkerchiefs etc

Wow, sounds like getting Tinea Keretis require strict cocoon level cleanliness/ breathing masks etc….. but seriously take care wherever you find yourself , especially public bathrooms & hotels – this stuff spreads insanely easily, so my point is there’s no shame in being a germaphobe from time to time.

Can It Be Treated?

Thankfully yes! The infection itself can be treated with orally ingested or applied medicines by specialized doctors following thorough examination of a cases situation after testing in order to diagnose which will also provide set instructions for dosage and administration proper.

If you suspect that you have tinea keratitis, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately – I mean who wouldnt?? Whether through common contact or other contamination routes ringworm affecting the eye [can affect vision longterm] …yikes just the sound of it… Very Not good

Prevention Tactics for RingWorm Infection

These tips can apply not just when preventing Eye infections but any forms of ringworm:

1.Wipe all equipments before use
2.Dry feet & hands properly/ throw away used band aids
3.Regularly sanitize showers and bathrooms etc
4.Throw out old makeup; don’t share lip balms etc.

By doing these things effectively then we equip ourselves with means necessary towards avoiding this form of fungal infection as well saving ourselves some trouble/hassle especially by keeping clean hygiene practices.

Now remember folks: ringworm isn’t a worm and(take extra note!) if it “attacks” your eyes you must seek medical attention promptly – Go get yourselves checked out at once!

feel free to google image search “tinea Keretis” if ever curious …while honestly i’d rather our assurance’s based on understanding texts description ; lessons are still valuable†end

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