Can you get magnesium through epsom salts?

As humans, we often search for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while dodging hefty gym memberships and unbearable diets. One such nutrient we are always looking to incorporate into our lives is magnesium-we are all about that Mg life!

However, with the myriad of available options ranging from supplements to food sources, choosing the right one can be quite confusing. Today we will explore whether you can get Mg-tastic results by using epsom salts as an alternative source.

What Are Epsom Salts?

Before delving deeper into the matter at hand, let’s take a moment first to understand what epsom salts precisely are. Well, these babies come from the ground-up combination of sulfate and magnesium minerals.

Sadly though, this isn’t table salt you add on your fries—we would advise against that unless you want those taste buds kissing their graves early!

Epsom salt has been used for centuries due to its abundant health benefits—from soothing sore muscles after some very punishing workouts (no pain no gain!), skin care treatment in various spas up until now it has found its place under our kitchen sinks as DIY cleaning agent solutions.

What Is Magnesium And Why Do We Need It?

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in most critical bodily functions—such as producing energy during metabolism or keeping bones strong (spooky scary skeleton time!) Basically everywhere but beneath your bed it seems…

It plays a vital role in assisting nerve function and regulating muscle movement too (glorious feeling when hitting the snooze button – although being awake may help productivity 😉) As if that wasn’t enough -Magnesium also helps regulate levels of other necessary minerals like potassium and calcium (talk about being multi-talented!)

An insufficient intake could lead to numerous issues like high blood pressure or even cardiovascular diseases- which nobody wants! The recommendation by health experts is to consume magnesium daily through food or supplements- but let’s not fool ourselves, with all the overwhelming stuff coming our way about nutrition and diet, from time to time getting it solely through food sources can be quite challenging. What do we do then? That’s right –time for an epsom salt soak (the best invention since sliced bread!)

Can You Get Magnesium Through Epsom Salts?

Epsom salts boast a high concentration of magnesium that can get absorbed directly into the body when exposed to skin (kinda like babies feeling language by being around it). So yeah – you technically can.

An epsom salt bath allows your body magnesium absorption without the need for supplementation or pumping yourself up on greens (#kaleigotthis)

So let’s break down into small bits what happens when soaking in these little gems:

-When dissolved in water (sorcery perhaps?), Epsom Salt releases some magical sulfate ions all over your bathroom which coat your skin

-Magnesium actively interested as well heads towards those main highways known as blood vessels and does its thing maintaining vasoconstriction-to keep us cool-headed at all times 😉

This leads us to experience relief when dealing with issues ranging from headaches (bet migraines are quaking!)to sore muscles.

How Do We Measure The Magnesium Absorption?

We understand why you may have this question; hence we took it upon ourselves (big brain moves) to dig deeper and provide answers.

Turns out researchers cannot agree on one specific measurement of Mg absorption due to various factors playing roles during tests such as differences between healthy or ill participants (still need more research—but progress is progressive #socloseyetsofar) so there isn’t proper consensus, yet!

Nevertheless—one study entitled “Enhancement of recovery after surgery: Are there valid reasons…”, tested patients who had abdominal surgery soaking in an epsom salt solution, and the results showed two-thirds of patients experienced significant improvements in magnesium concentration- this sounds like a good sign so far!

How Often Can You Take Epsom Salt Baths?

There isn’t one fixed number for all people as ‘personalized nutrition’ is always best – but let us try to recommend something. Experts suggest soaking your troubles away once or twice every week (yaaas please) would do just fine—but If you’re planning on taking them more frequently or new to it- we advise speaking with your health care professional first!

An additional piece of advice! As tempting as it may be –do not drink (we repeat…NOT DRINK) the bathwater! It’s funky enough at times when diluted, no need to lion king that sht.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Epsom Salt Soaking?

Whenever trying out something new relating to our bodies, fear tends raises its slippery head eventually. Fortunately (imagine that!) there aren’t many side effects related directly due to overindulging in these little bad boys (woohoo!).

But remaining on the safe-side makes up a list of some possible unwanted opportunistic infections such as bacterial skin infections from cuts or abrasions maybe requiring topical medication for recovery-(not sounding gross yet unless someone mentions staphylococcus 😉 )

The overall vibe is being sensible -so keep within intake guidelines and avoid prolonged exposure without consulting your doctor if deemed necessary—especially if nursing open wounds (better safe than sorry)


Epsom salts have been around since forever (or nearly) providing countless benefits way beyond what anyone could imagine back then – talk about futuristic predictions!

Incorporating them into lifestyles should be considered an option given ease of access;however, supplementation through diet does remain critical due to variance absorption possibilities from individual-to-individual.

That said, when soaking in Epsom salt frequently enough, magnesium absorption rates may be seen to rise—soaking with benefits? Sounds like we’ve been looking for the holy grail of multitasking. (Magnesium magnesium everywhere- a solution waiting under our very noses)

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