Can you get high off of rubbing alcohol?

Are you looking for a new way to get high? Look no further than your local pharmacy, where rubbing alcohol can be easily purchased. But is it safe to get “high” from ingesting or inhaling rubbing alcohol? In this article, we will explore the effects of rubbing alcohol on the human body and answer whether it’s possible to get high off of it.

What Is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), is a clear liquid made by combining water with 70% IPA. It’s commonly used as an antiseptic and disinfectant but can also be found in many household cleaning products.

How Does Rubbing Alcohol Affect the Body?

When rubbed onto the skin, rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly leaving behind a cooling sensation. However, when ingested or inhaled, IPA begins to break down into its metabolites which can have harmful effects on the body.


Ingesting even small amounts of rubbing alcohol can lead to severe illness due to its toxic nature. Common symptoms include dizziness, headache, vomiting and diarrhea or worse yet low blood pressure which could result in loss of consciousness if left untreated.


Inhaling large quantities of rubbling alcohols fumes when using cleaning products like hand sanitizers that contain fairly significant amounts may cause potent impairments such as headaches ,dizzy spells,suffocation,insanity,low blood oxygen levels,damage lungs tissues,elevated heart rates among others . The abundant vasodilation reduces blood flow which places undue pressure on minor organ arteries resulting megalomania plus brain damage epitaxy

Can You Get High Off Rubbing Alcohol?

While ingestion or inhalation will produce side-effects that could appear similar too taking drugs-alcohol does not induce intoxication or recreational highs most people seek. On the other hand, it will likely lead to a trip straight to the emergency room with potentially fatal consequences.

Why Is Rubbing Alcohol Dangerous?

Even in small amounts, rubbing alcohol can be deadly when ingested as it causes serious toxic effects in the body which rapidly increase with higher concentrations of isopropyl alcohol.

Long-term Effects

Not only does drinking rubbing alcohol have immediate effects on your health but long term abuse could result in much more serious damage such as heart disease,liver cirrhosis ,chronic kidney failure and permanent brain damage among others.So, you’d want to put that bottle away…and don’t forget to lockitup!

Short-term Effects

Short term side-effects include nausea/vomiting,drowsiness,dizziness,staggering walk patterns even extreme death if left untreated .While inhalation leads to potential lung scarring,cognitive impairments-loss of spatial awareness,memory decline,suffocation,and dilated veins leading too frost bear mentality.

What Are Some Safer Alternatives for Getting High?

Let’s make one thing clear- there simply are no safe ways to “get high.” Abuse of any substance can lead down a path of addiction,family ruin or worse fatality… So steer very far away from dangerous recreational highs.However for those who still wanna get up yourself-stimulated-we’ve got you covered here are some healthier methods :

  1. Physical Exercise
    3.Yoga chanting
    4.Reading good books like this essay !
    5.Eating healthy foods.
    6.Hanging out with sober friends and family members
    7.Join support groups like AA (you might learn something from their >50000 members).

These activities have mind calming properties that’ll blow your mind without ruining your life…


In conclusion,rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl and should not be used by humans for anything other than intended, it’s a good sanitizer that will leave your surfaces spotless.What’s more is-ingesting or inhaling any amount of IPA causes immediate side-effects and long-term health problems. If you want to sideline risks from addiction,brain damage,failure et al mentioned earlier,the ideal move would be finding a safer alternative to get the “high” one desires.

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