Can you get an expander with braces?

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to get an expander with braces, congratulations – you’re officially one step closer to having perfect teeth! Now, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this dental query, let’s first understand what an expander is and why someone might need it.

The Purpose of Expanders

An expander or a palatal expander (sounding fancy already) is used for orthodontic treatment to correct certain types of jaw misalignments. An expander can help widen the upper jaw in cases where the upper arch is narrower than ideal relative to the lower arch.

Why would a narrow upper arch be problematic? Well, when your teeth are crowded on top of each other due to insufficient space in your mouth, oral hygiene becomes difficult leading /to cavities and gum disease. Additionally, a narrow arch also puts unnecessary tension on muscles that run throughout your face, causing headaches and jaw pain. It can even lead to conditions like sleep apnea in some patients.

So yeah, getting an expander could significantly improve not just how good you look but also how good you feel.

How Do Expanders Work?

Expanders work by applying continuous pressure on specific parts of your palate which causes tiny microfractures /in the bone through its cellular response mechanism known as “osteocyte”. As these fractures heal over time due to osteoblasts’ activity recruiting minerals from circulatory system, there is more room created in-between bones allowing them enough space needed for growth without impeding each other’s movement much like trees alter their physical form while growing synergistically balancing forces across limbs enabling sustained posture erectness towards skylight often resulting sturdy wood formation & shade provision.

This process typically takes several weeks – sometimes months – depending on individual needs and adjustment schedules made by orthodontists based on progress. The good news? It is surprisingly painless and easy to manage with proper care and maintenance.

Can You Get an Expander with Braces?

Now, back to our original question – can you get an expander with braces?

Yes! In fact, it’s quite common not just in children but also in adults getting orthodontic treatment who require both arch expansion and teeth alignment. This method of treatment is called ‘two-phase’ or ‘dual-phase’, where phase one involves expanding the upper jaw while phase two focuses on straightening the teeth once there’s sufficient space created for them to move into ideal positions without being crowded by neighboring teeth.

So How Does This Work Practically for Someone Wearing Both Braces and Expanders?

First things first: your orthodontist will recommend what type of expander will suit your needs best which ranges from removable appliances that need adjusting every few weeks (like a retainer) to fixed-palate expanders bonded /onto the roof of your mouth using special cement.

Once you have decided on a suitable appliance, placement typically happens before starting braces. Why? Because aligning teeth directly without addressing jaw misalignments could result in incomplete correction leading towards inefficient results.

The expander usually stays on 24/7 during this initial stage (yup even when sleeping), making adjustments through closely scheduled consultations with approved personnel medical scheduler involved throughout its course until bone growth begins slowing down requiring second stage corrections involving setting up braces accordingly allowing precise tooth adjustment estimating oral drift distance eliminating crowding chances increasing breathability creating healthy aesthetic appearance reaching final outcome often as planned following different stages after starting process therefore offering solution customized per individual case requirements ultimately achieving perfect set aligned number ones upper lower pearly whites .

On the other hand, if someone currently has braces already but requires expanders midway due to insufficient room caused by slow changes within mouth environment necessitating extra safety precautions allowing additional modality, they will simply get fitted with them as planned to maximize effectiveness minimizing overlapping between jaw misalignments and incorrect tooth positioning.

One thing to keep in mind is that both braces and expanders can cause discomfort initially. But fear not! Any mild pain usually disappears after a few days thanks to the wonders of modern orthodontic technology where progress such as laser or vibration therapy could be possible even without invasive surgeries helping patients become accustomed more quickly taking into account their body’s sensitivity levels providing proper analgesics thus achieving maximum comfort.

Final Words

Getting an expander with braces is not only possible but common for most people who need comprehensive orthodontic treatment. It might seem daunting at first but it’s all worth it in the end when you finally have that perfect set of pearly whites shining bright /enough to give angels a run for their money!

Keep in touch with your orthodontist throughout every step of your journey and don’t hesitate about any doubts popping up during its course since each session offers unique feedback potentially contributing towards adjustment improvements suited just for you. Always remember: good things come to those who wait (and invest time/money/patience)!