Can you get a cyst in your stomach?

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to get a cyst in your stomach? Well, the short answer is yes. But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. In this article, we will explore what causes stomach cysts, the symptoms that may occur and how they can be treated.

Understanding Stomach Cysts

Before delving into whether or not stomach cysts exist, let’s first discuss what exactly a cyst is. A cyst is defined as an abnormal sac or pocket filled with fluid located somewhere within the body.

Now that we know what a typical cyst looks like let’s take things up to another level and throw some terminology at you because why make things easy? There are different types of abdominal wall hernias such as epigastric, umbilical,incisional, i.e., surgically induced),and so on… Another term for gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), which also form sac-like growths in the abdomen similar to cysts,depending upon their size into four category then comes out pseudocysts under three sub headins – which can sometimes confuse people.

Pseudocysts arise mainly when there has been trauma such as acute pancreatitis(which has nothing to do with cats getting crazy while trying to catch light!) These injuries have incidence rates varying from time-time ranging from either idiopathic meaning unknown reason(try telling this one next time when someone asks regarding taste distortion during Covid recovery) or even related with substance abuses(chances are- alcohol being dominant culprit)

Pseudo-cyst formation post-trauma

Most often cases involves obstruction of pancreatic duct causing leakage(in vain..) of digestive enzymes across tissue planes leading towards accumulation,predominantly made up by pancreatic secretions itself,i.e., these just love sticking around where they are made – sounds less of a deep-rooted homebody more like me, pfft-ing at decisions of going out!

It is common practice to differentiate them from the actual cysts based on their contents./Who knew we could be spicing things up there too. These /are basically sac-like structures that develop and contain fluid or air within the abdomen which mostly leads to abdominal pain(duh!) or distension(what most complain after sunday brunch!)

Another term you’ll likely come across when discussing stomach cysts is pancreatic pseudocysts. These formations grow near the pancreas, an organ in your abdomen responsible for producing hormones and digestive juices.

Pancreatic pseudocysts arise mainly when there has been injury or inflammation to this gland causing leakage(in vain..) of digestive enzymes across tissue planes leading towards accumulation,predominantly made by pancreatic secretions itself,i.e., these just love sticking around where they are made – sounds less of being a deep-rooted homebody more like me, always think twice before getting out!(oh wait do I even?)

These collections may not cause symptoms for months after they first form because unlike cats- cell proliferation doesn’t demand instant results but once it begins growing significant enough(predictably making one quite uncomfortable+bloating situations Just another reason why you should keep your intestines happy with fiber instakills those belly bloats!Say hello greens)

The Symptoms of Stomach Cysts

Okay, so now we know what stomach cysts are and that they exist. But how can you tell if you have one? Well as all things medical go,you may end up playing multiple rounds into ding dong with various symptoms exhibited/perceived/assumed so better be precautious than linger around via denial zone.(its overrated anyway!)

The features largely depend upon size,+location+contents-(kinda lot there don’tcha think?)of the cyst more than anything else. Smaller ones might remain utterly asymptomatic that is below our sensory threshold while gonna make their presence felt forcibly as they grow, by exerting pressure over surrounding structures(you can imagine my plight ‘probably’ buying a size smaller last Halloween)

Common symptoms experienced are-

  1. Abdominal pain

  2. Bloating (not associated with soda)

  3. Fevers

4.Nausea or vomiting(oh god I despise this one!)

5.Weight loss(some even claim they never look prettier #bodyshaming-much?)

6.Malnutrition(maybe lack of food instead makes people cranky? Naaah we all know it’s not real right? /sarcasm)

7.Fatigue(yup those gym enthusiasts were enigma after-all how do you manage that too! #realwomenhavefatiguesometimes )

8.Jaundice( oh so your yellow isn’t followed by dirty water then ? nice to be sure{don’t ask what’s in that bucket } )

And if it crosses the limits there might even be a palpable mass present over abdomen ,multiple giant cysts-which trust me ain’t no chance playing safe!

Don’t wait for others to notice before someone hands you an award for hiding things underwater way too long(even though public pools are still closed,damn corona..!)

Diagnosing Stomach Cysts

So let’s say,you’ve been experiencing some abdominal related shenanigans and have finally decided human inputs actually helpful(huh-whoda thunk!) How on earth can we diagnose such menaces?

Physical examination:

Our esteemed medical professionals would examine abdominally+check for tenderness,painful points&masses.

Blood tests:

Helpful laboratory indices would include higher counts of leukocyte which may go upon adding up elevated C reactive protein levels.As our favourite TV shows adeptly programme ,this is where seconds matter!

Imaging tests:

We’ve seen enough CSI type of shows to be aware that imaging these days could almost raise the dead! Okay, maybe exaggerating there but you will most likely require a series of tests including :

  1. Computed tomography (CT) scans: Advanced X-rays based on cross-sectional images put together in a 3D image format – just like creating more muggles from horcruxes.

2.Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI)-Well if powerful magnets have yet not caught up your fancy,are best at seeing how different tissues are wired into each other by picking out subtle changes helped with computer programmes

3.Endoscopic ultrasound-where showing insides right away where they happen,gastroenterologists may slip a special tube down through the mouth passing stomach(right direction),duodenum(left turn ahead!)mapping out sac-like structures as visited places(you’d be surprised what goes around people’s head once we start probing)

4.Abdominal Ultrasound- The high-frequency sound waves basically transmit picture perfect form including nature(as close as possible). Often it does NOT demand overnight fasting,but try avoiding post meal oopsies(phew!).

Treatment Options for Stomach Cysts

So now we know about symptoms and deduction modes galore.Let’s discuss various treatment modalities avaliable.(Okay so let’s give this one glamourous ..even though medical treatements can get mundane ); Isn’t variety spice of life?

Once accurately diagnosed potential options include..Drumrolls please….

1.Watchful waiting: Yeps sometimes medical attention to yourself might mean time,insects,rainbows or even riding bikes don’t itch panic attacks but actually stepping back and observing changes over course(a lull before rising storm!)

(However that mostly relies upon patient cooperation+adherence+maintaining diet and drinking guidelines.What constitutes watchful waiting:checking up with clinician and radiology repeats every 2-3 months can help you avoid being metaphorical bears)

2.Drainage: Kinda lesser known but special needles may be passed through stomach wall guided via imaging devise or endoscopic technique,creating a way for those fluids to drain out into surrounding tissue planes.

(requires less hospital stay,less invasive safest in terms of morbidity& mortality,yet many people often give-out surprisingly lackadaisical approach towards medical aid these days)

3.Surgery: While many cysts require only weekly follow-ups there is still probability(big difference between pressing snooze on alarm clock multiple times Vs hitting a doomsday button!) that that such growth may grow bigger leading towards compression,dysfunction of adjacent organs or even malignancy(Sometimes early intervention might mean avoiding scenarios like Harry Potter.)

Regular monitoring(like daily walks,yoga) especially among well-established genetic/familial history occurrences will eventually lead towards eventual surgical plan base don size,location(you’d want surgeons having precision,nerves intact,right?)and potential complications-(Thoroughly discuss the treatment options before jumping!


In general,is it possible?Yes;in fact very much so! Are gastrointestinal types survivable & manageable?Hell yeah..!! The key lies within proper assessment,discussion,treatment and surveillance depending upon varying pathology.Always keep your abdomen happy buzzing like free bees!(just minus all that sac formation).

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