Can you get a bigger bum without surgery?

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about the size of your bum? Maybe you’ve tried doing squats until your legs feel like jello, or maybe you’ve spent hours scrolling through Instagram studying fitness guru’s butts trying to figure out what special exercises they’re doing. But no matter how hard you try, your butt just doesn’t seem to be growing.

So, can you actually get a bigger bum without going under the knife? The answer is yes! In this article, we’ll take a look at some natural ways that will help plump up your posterior so that it’s looking rounder and fuller than ever before.

Say Goodbye to Sitting for Long Periods

As much as we all love binge-watching Netflix on the couch for hours at a time after work, sitting down too much could be affecting the shape of our derrière. When we sit down for long periods of time, our gluteal muscles don’t get used as much which can lead them to become weak and floppy. So in order to give your buttocks that extra boost it needs make sure say goodbye sayonara 😀👋 🕰️for now…to sitting in chairs during long office jobs 😒but also avoid online Zoom meetings (thus having more reason not wearing pants 😉).

Instead opt:

  • Standing desks
  • Yoga ball chairs
  • Squat breaks every few minutes

Incorporate Resistance Training into Your Fitness Routine

It may come as no surprise but resistance training works wonders when building muscle – including glutes! (mindblowing right?) 💥Make sure‌ ‌you include compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts and lunges‍ with added weight wink wink. And if lifting heavy weights isn’t quite for you then bodyweight exercises such as doing pulses in your squats or trying glute bridges will also get those muscles toned and firing!

Recover the Right Way

When you’re pushing yourself in the gym it’s important to make sure our body is fuelled correctly to optimise recovery. Our bum muscles need protein to help repair any micro-tears that we’ve caused during a workout. So after exercising make sure you consume:

  • High Protein foods such as lean meats, fish, eggs
  • Plant-based alternatives such as tofu, chickpeas or nuts
  • Resistance bands for extra resistance

Ultimately ‌your macros must meet their daily requirements!

The Magic of Booty Bands

If you’re not familiar with booty bands then prepare‌ ‌to have your world flipped upside down🤸‍♀️. These elastic beauties are used around your legs like cuffs and add an additional burn⚡ when doing exercises helping activate fires on ’em buns 🔥and focusing mainly on the glutes.

You want real gains it’s not about how heavy you lift but rather how many reps can accomplish with controlled form🔧 without taking band off.

Also great option for home workouts especially during covid times groans😷

Non-Avoidable Facts of Life: Sleep & Hydration

Whilst getting enough water 💦makes up around 70% of our bodies composition, did you know that sleep actually plays just as an integral role? When we don’t get enough shut-eye hormones responsible for muscle growth 📈such as testosterone decrease significantly which means fewer boot-gainz💔… And if keep waking up every half ΄phew´ hour result will only be dark bags under eyes👀 – no muscle won here.

Unfortunately there are still plenty people who disregard these aspects. Get good quality sleep (8 hours minimum), maintain a well-balanced hydration regime alongside reduced alcohol consumption 🍺 and allow your body time to recover ⏰

Add Cardio (no it’s not a taboo)

Adding cardio exercise into your fitness regime is essential when wanting to keep fat levels at bay. When you incorporate HIIT workouts or long distance runs, it will help shed any unwanted excess weight so that your bum muscles got more of attention 👀 Although cardio may be thought of as the enemy for those trying to gain muscle mass, there are plenty exercises such as stair stepper 🔢 to give bums individualised workout.

  • Low Intensity Steady State Exercise
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Booty Burn Express Circuit

Consider Massage Therapy & Stretching

Think about how hard our glutes work day in, day out – they deserve some TLC! At-home massages ‌using foam rollers can work wonders for stretching overworked muscles out🪞 . Utilising different stretches also helps because if we end up having tight hips or quads this ends up pulling on our lower-back thus resulting in flatter butts… sighs

Conclusively getting a bigger bum doesn’t have be anything too complex. Simply implementing few lifestyle change can improve overall well-being helped build booty!!! 😍😱✨💞