Can you freeze vacuum packed bacon?

Oh, bacon! The delicious aroma of freshly cooked bacon is something that gets most people salivating. And who wouldn’t love the mouth-watering and perfectly crispy texture it brings to any dish? But what if there was a way to always have fresh bacon on hand without leaving your house? Enter vacuum-packed bacon! Not only does this magic packaging preserve its flavor and quality but you can also freeze it for future use. Read on to find out more about freezing vacuum packed bacon!

What Is Vacuum Packed Bacon

Before we delve into the topic at hand, let’s understand what exactly vacuum-packed bacon is. In simple terms, it’s regular sliced or slab uncooked pork belly that has been sealed in an airtight plastic bag with all the air removed by suction from an external device called a vacuum sealer machine. This helps preserve its color, smell, texture and taste.

How Long Does Vacuum Packed Bacon Last?

Vacuum-packaging hampers food spoilage due to bacteria as well as yeasts and moulds – thus enhancing shelf life compared to refrigerated cases in stores which typically range 5-6 days depending upon how chemical preservatives are used by manufacturers. When stored properly under ideal conditions like cool temperatures (between 0-3 degrees Celsius)in your refrigerator and keeping it away from open-flame sources, unpackaged meat products could last up-to two weeks max before showing signs of decay such as bad odor or discoloration.
But hold-up! Did you know you can extend the shelf-life of vac-sealed meats further by freezing them? Yup! Frozen foods retain their freshness much longer than those kept solely in refrigerators.

Can You Freeze Vacuum Packed Bacon?

Now comes the big question: “Can I freeze my delectable pack of Un-cooked Vac-Pac sliced/slabbed Pork Belly?” And why not? Go for it! Because of the vacuum-sealing technology, these succulent strips are great for freezing or long term storage. The absence of any air in the package combats moisture and bacterial liberation from its environment due to less accommodating temperatures which could lead to oxidation (essentially spoiling). With that sorted out, let’s dive into how to freeze them.

Steps To Freeze Vacuum Packed Bacon

When looking at shoving my bacon down under ice crystals (not literally), I found there were a few steps I needed before taking this on:

  1. Place all your unopened packages of vac-packed bacon in a large Ziploc freezer-safe plastic bag
  2. Label and date the bag properly. Do Not forget!
  3. Ensure you’ve flattened out each package to maximize space savings
  4. Attach your Vac-bag with duct tape onto an empty stretching board – In case they flop their casings around while solidifying – this will keep everything just as flat and in-line as they were packed initially.
  5. Put it away somewhere dark like inside your freezer- Light can alter flavors unnecessarily over time.

As an alternative method some enjoy cooking their packs through partially (“par-cooking”) then storing them frozen since it speeds up prep time when planning breakfasts.

Thawing Frozen Vacuum Packed Bacon

So now that we know how do we get those frigid deliciousness back up? Yes! Simply thaw them out prior usage ! Depending upon what plan you have following three methods most shall work fine :

1) Microwaving quick defrost – Your local microwave should have pre-programmed cycles per pound you can choose from if unsure follow manual instructions provided by manufacturer.
2) Fridge slumber party takeout style
– This is one effective method where our second cousin ‘Fridge’ takes over most efficiently by providing slow & steady atmospheric temperature rise leading to the complete melt of ice crystals by put it in fridge over night Or least for 24 hours. Rule of thumb is: longer to thaw, better quality retained.
3) Run bacon under running cool water – Have you more time and patentially lot less confusion then try a “cool-water” bath method where you fill up your kitchen sink with cold water & place your frozen Bacon-pack inside until all solid pieces have become loose.

How Long Can You Freeze Vacuum Packed Bacon

Frozen foods like vac-sealed bacon can be safely stored so as long as food storage duration guide from health regulatory bodies,such as FSA or FDA ,are adhered to for optimum taste & safety. From my experience maxing-out at around six months before noticeable changes occurs (qualitywise). But that period could go much further if put into deep-freezers (-18 °C/0°F). Indeed providing there are no signs off any spoilage based on change of color/ texture upon defrosting one shall expect only happy sizzles!

Tips For Freezing Vacuum Packed Bacon

Once we know the simple process how about additional tips which could make our future mornings even smoother ?

  • Plan ahead – Stock up large quantities when purchasing pack-sizes most suited to storage sizing wise
  • Maximize space saving capacity – Flatten out each sealed package completely
  • Mark dates on cardboard trays/bags prior freezing – Mistakes cause multiplies frustration while rummaging through stacks later
  • Avoid cramming in too many packs / stacking unevenly– proper air circulation ensures effective cooling
  • Keep Frozen Bacon Packs out sunlight/dehydration sources-give them sleep they deserve

In closing, storing vacuum-packed bacon means preserving its freshness and flavor whether served freshly cooked or used down the line. Don’t waste food by throwing away left overs but freeze them instead! With this guide, I hope you learnt everything about freezing vacuum-packed bacon. Did we leave anything out? Do share in the comments! But b^acon, do not use that voice of yours to judge us for lack of patience when craving crispies!

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