Can you fake tan over sunburn?

We’ve all been there before. One minute you’re basking in the sun, enjoying your time outside, and the next thing you know, you have a wicked sunburn. Not only is it painful, but now that summer has arrived and every day feels like an opportunity for beach adventures with your friends, having red skin isn’t exactly attractive or ideal! So what do you do when you want to fake tan over sunburn? Let’s find out.

Know Your Skin Type Before Attempting Anything Stupid

The first step to answering this question is understanding your skin type. If you’re someone who burns easily and never tans naturally (we see ya’, gingers!), then trying to apply fake tan over a burn might not be the best idea for various reasons.

Here are some of the potential issues that could arise:

  • Peeling: When your skin flakes off after a peeling effect from burnt tissue.
  • Streaking: Often occurs if sunlight changes colour distribution on one’s body via melanin production.
  • Discoloration: Uneven pigmentation can happen due to different levels of melanocytes production
  • Physiological effects on immune system

Yikes! That doesn’t sound pleasant at all!

Why Applying Fake Tanning Over Sunburn Is A BAD Idea

While we may love getting our glow on during summertime pool parties or BBQs with friends; as much as we would like it too–unfortunately faking-tan-on-sun-burnt-skin just doesn’t work well together…

First Things First—Allow Your Burn To Heal Naturally

Realistically speaking – It’s important that before reaching deep into those faux tanning lotions bottles; allow yourself at least 48 hours after obtaining direct sunlight exposure allowing time for any cellular damage & associated inflammation processes to begin healing require time in the natural course.

When it comes to self-tanning, it’s important not to do anything that might exacerbate your already sensitive burnt skin.”

Piling on Extra Layers of Product Could Cause Your Skin To Be More Irritated

“The reason you want to steer clear is because if your skin has sustained damage, chances are you’re dealing with some level or amount of irritation,” explains Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali -So on top of keeping yourself hydrated internally and externally with moisturizer/cream; Acute sunburn signs such as redness/swelling/heat/sensitivity while usually don’t appear immediately following a burn can last from 24-72 hours prior beginning natural detoxification process.

Can You Even Find A Safe Sunless Tanning Option On The Freshly Burnt Skin?

Before slathering another layer onto tanned-from-burned-skin – we need understand facts about its potential impact. Truth be told no matter how branded/formulated product promises quick results for darkening pigmentation despite current exposure our editorials strongly advise against replicating any application until tan starts gradually fading/natural new layer healthy cell promotes creation…

We’re sure there are stories out there about beauty gurus who have applied fake tan over sunburn and loved the results — but these outliers should never serve as an example for true skincare enthusiasts.

Leave Your Stubborn Self-Doubts There: Postpone Faux Glows For A Moment

Because mixing faux glow cream/lotion/mist under any bleeds/half-healed burned areas …with sometimes unpredictable effects..(e.g orange smudges blotches) could leave long-term consequences/pigment changes/cutaneous dryness; hence adopting a more patient approach will directly save both money & keep health concerns at bay because when injured cells received expedited treatment via quality skincare ingredients- its natural healing/repairing may be supported. 

Wearful Scenarios To Consider When Putting On That Extra Layer

Given the above-mentioned results –It is safe to say that applying fake tan over sunburn could result in:

  • More skin irritation
  • Unnatural-looking tans
  • Strange discoloration or splotches blotchy effect
  • Further Skincare issues

These reasons alone should be enough to dissuade you from even considering putting on a layer of sunless tanner onto already damaged cells!

Don’t Put Your Health At Risk, One Small Mistake Cost Too Much!

Let’s face it if we’re not paying attention during outdoor activities all it takes is one area without adequate SPF coverage for extended time periods under UV radiation; next thing we know-after pink tint starts disappearing celluloid peeling coat appears (we’ve all been there) which usually means extra downtime listening lectures from mom when she screams —putting makeup/drinking contaminated alcohol/beauty procedures are big NOs until full recovery stages.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Remember The Golden Rule “SPF!”

So regardless of how much inconvenience sunscreen lotion application poses into our daily routines – remember one simple fact “SPF will significantly reduce early aging effects including precancerous tumors” as exposure frequency directly equates with cumulative damage accumulation therefore better prevent & protect your skin prior enjoying summer vibes /outdoor fun times!

We hope this piece has been informative– and entertaining?–in some measure. But ultimately, always allow yourself an amount of adequate physical distance away from additional any kind source(s) right after sustaining surface injury… Adhering golden skincare recommendatiosn will ensure you’ll enjoy more consistent healthy glows!

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