Can you eat the skin of a sharon fruit?

Are you tired of the same old snack routine? Looking to mix things up a bit? Well, look no further than the sharon fruit! But hold on a second… can you eat the skin of this tasty treat or should it be removed like a banana peel?

So What is a Sharon Fruit Anyway?

Before we dive into whether or not you can munch on the outer layer of your sharon fruit, let’s take a quick minute to appreciate what these little guys are all about.

Also known as persimmons (though they are actually distinct from true persimmons), sharon fruits belong to the Ebenaceae family and hail from East Asia. They’re sweet and slightly tangy, with an almost syrupy texture!

As if that weren’t enough, they’re also packed with healthy nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins C and K. It’s no wonder they’ve become increasingly popular in Western cultures over recent years.

Peel Or No Peel – Answering Your Questions!

Now for the big question: when chowing down on some delicious sharon fruit, do you leave the skin intact or whip out your trusty peeler first?

The Straightforward Answer:

Yes – according to most sources (cough cough don’t ask us who those sources might be), there is indeed absolutely nothing wrong with munching through both layers of your edible little friends.

And by “sources,” we mean science! Yes folks, research indicates that leaving that lovely orange-golden skin on while eating may provide additional nutritional benefits (more fiber!) while simply being easier overall. And aren’t we all just after simplicity in life anyways?

Hold On Though…

While we wouldn’t necessarily fault anyone for diving right into their freshly-cut slice without worrying about peeling away any extra frills , beware…….

There are a few solid reasons you might still choose to try the skinless version. Here are some of the sorrows:

  • Texture, and not in a good way: For starters, sharon fruit skins can take on a somewhat leathery texture when ripened really well, which isn’t for everyone.

  • Taste: Also, while again this may vary between personal preferences (we won’t judge), it’s worth noting that sometimes their flavor may be described by haters as “astringent” with bitter or dry undertones.

But remember folks! That certainly shouldn’t stop possible lovers from experiencing the joy of eating an entire layered snack like true unconventional individuals.

Breaking Down The Nutritional Deets

Still need more convincing? We get it- healthy snacking requires sound decision making based around facts and figures :). So let’s further explore what nutritional components make up these fabulous fruits – peel included!


Looking at calories alone stomachs might sink thinking they’d have to sacrifice over 150 per large persimmon consumed… but there is no need: even better news awaits us all:

Sharon fruit contains mostly water (upwards of 80%!!!), therefore averaging out to about only ~70 calories.

This weight loss booster packed full of antioxidants will definitely elevate your appetite in addition to reducing calorie intake guiltlessly.


Vitamin C and K sit cheerfully on throne as Sharon Fruits’ chief nutrient components (100g provides ~80% daily value vitamin C requirement!) working together keeping health conditions far away — combating cancer risks and increasing wound healing processes effortlessly.

Not one but also containing significant amounts among others: Beta carotene aka Precursor Vitamin A, vitamins B6,E,K1,biotin,pantothenic acid,folic acids…

Speaks volumes right?

The Versatile Fruit:

So if you are fond of trying out different recipes in the kitchen why not try incorporating sharon fruit as a sweet or savory ingredient. What’s more? This delicious fruit can pair well with several interesting items.

Let’s take a quick look at some potential candidates for your next foodie creation:

Delighting Your Taste Buds

  1. Cheese plates! / Ahem…An elegant update on party platters- mix up your cheeses along….pairing with both pungent artisanal and mild styles.
  2. Salads Briny, nutty and very wholesome – Persimmon
  3. Butters: Mixed along with spices such as cinnamon or pumpkin spice, this would make an amazing toast spread
  4. Cocktails In need of something to quench that thirst? A puree based cocktail sounds like just the thing!
    5.An easy add-on to any trail mix is what those little nuggets crave for; having it either dry or soaked unto the granola.

  5. In summary, don’t be afraid to experiment.


At long last we have come to answer one of life’s great questions…to peel or not to peel a Sharon Fruit…
Thankfully there is no magic formula per se; personal preference may play large factor left up agains science-backed reasons towards consuming skin intact versus nonexistent.

Regardless of which way go-tos decide upon when snacking ,the most important point being made plain is that their dietary attributes make including them into daily routines better than imagined without skimping on taste buds emotion nor nutritional benefits.

Nothing ventured nothing gained!